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How to Market your Blog

Over the course of the last 10 years blogging has spread like a wildfire, almost everyone and their dog seems to have a blog of some sort. While not quite everyone in the world has a blog, there is enough for an average of six blog posts per second on WordPress hosted websites. The question

How to design a website with customers in mind

If you are running a business you need to ensure that your website is designed with your customer in mind. It’s important to remember that visiting and interacting with your website is the only contact that most customers will have with your business, so you need to make sure it’s a good experience. You have

Web Design and Development Terms Every Blogger Should Know

As a blogger, you may not be interested in the nuts and bolts of web design and development, but you should understand the basics. Here are a few web design and development terms that you should know. User Experience The user experience refers to how your readers interpret and interact with your site. It includes

How To Find Blogging Inspiration

Dreaded writer’s block can happen to the best of us.  Sometimes even the most seasoned of bloggers finds themselves at a loss for what content to post.  When trying to think of ideas for posts, there are a few techniques that the pro’s turn to. Your blog should never feel like a task that you

Using Blogging To Help Yourself and Others

Many times, bloggers use their virtual writing space in order to spread information about external events. This could be anything from news, to product reviews, to event reviews, to simple observations. However, another possible avenue to go through would be as a kind of self-help or therapeutic voyage. People have always been able to write

5 Tips for Travel Blogging

Whether you’re taking a road trip across the country or studying abroad across the world, writing a travel blog is a great way for friends and family to keep up with your adventures and enables you to relive your memorable journeys. Whether you’re taking a bus trip to California or a plane to Cambodia, here

3 Ways to Add Inspiration to Your Blog

If you are an aficionado of the blogosphere, you realize the need to draw readers into your online world. But this can’t simply be done with just providing endless information; they could go to the encyclopedia for that. As a blogger, you must find ways of giving people inspiration and ideas. They must feel that

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Blog Topic

One of the hottest ways to gain exposure to your website is by blogging. Internet surfers are constantly looking for answers, and if you can provide the necessary information on your blog, it will get read. The more time you invest into blogging, the more results you may be able to get. It is critical