Why Magento is the right choice for Ecommerce Website

This is a guest post by Anna.

Are you an owner of a shop and would like to add more value and create an e-commerce store but there are so many overwhelming technical details so you feel confused choosing the right CMS for your e-commerce store?

why use magento for ecommerce

Then, this short post is for you!

The 21st century brought us a big range of technologies for online shops and all of them could be used for the e-commerce website development. Magento CMS is the most famous and one of the most often used platforms for the e-commerce development.

Let’s quickly check why it’s so good.

The capabilities of Magento can satisfy any needs of online store owners. Magento has already had an extensive feature list that will be welcomed by owners of small, medium, and large shops. There is everything needed for comfortable business process workflow starting from automated catalog management and finishing with the step-by-step filtration, grouping in sets, reviews, and recommendations.

In Magento, there are already built-in modules of new and similar products, discounts, coupons etc. You can significantly increase the average check of your online shop and make your sales recurring using automated mailing campaigns.

Magento provides the most detailed reporting system for the owner of the online store. You can find reports on shopping carts, sales, lists of marked and desired products, and much more. You search and collect the information about the best buyers (those who spent the most amount of money and who have interacted the most with your online store). With this set of features, you can regularly improve your online store in order to achieve greatest sales ever.

Besides of that, Magento community is very big: thousands of developers are using it ensuring great support.

What about the cost? It definitely depends on the feature list to be implemented.

The price range depends too much on the region where you are planning to outsource your website.

Here is some price range that might help you. But if you are thinking about a very productive and interesting shop, firstly, sum up everything you would like to see there and then search for the companies and get a quote.


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