Social media marketing myths you should unfollow right away

Talk about social media and everyone will have their expert advice to be shared. With every search expert advice, a myth might be shared, and if you make the mistake of creating a social media marketing strategy on the basis of such myths, you’ll be at a loss.

So, here are some myths about social media marketing that should be unfollowed by you right away.

social media myths

1. Over promotion on social media will backfire

There is a misconception that every brand should know their limits and be too aggressive can turn people off. However, it is not true because over-promotion on social media never fails to impress. We are not saying that you should focus on promoting yourself excessively, but if you do so, there should not be a fear in your mind that it will turn people off. However, there is a difference between over promoting your brands and annoying people with something that is repetitive and unnecessary. For example, if you are sharing the same thing over and over again, it might turn people off.

2. You should use every social media platform to promote your brand

This is, again, not correct because it can be problematic for you if you have a startup to work on. An unnecessary investment in social media platforms can backfire if you do not need to be there. For example, if you are promoting photography, it is advisable to consider Pinterest along with Facebook to promote your brand. In this case, if you feel that there is no need for you to stick up a profile on LinkedIn or even Twitter or Tumblr, you may not consider it. Understand where you’ll find the right audience and make an investment accordingly.

3. Limited investments should be made for social media advertising

This may or may not be a myth, depending on your situation. For example, if you are in a field where everyone is heavily promoting their brand with the help of social media advertising, you might feel left out if you do not invest the same. Advertising through social media never fails if you have an idea about it and you understand social media and create strategies accordingly. If you do not have sufficient knowledge about creating a social media strategy, it is advisable to get in touch with an expert and let them handle the situation for you.

4. You’ll get an instant response

This is one of the worst thoughts that might cross your mind once you have invested in social media marketing. There will be many people whom might suggest the same to you, but it is not true. Rome was not built in a day, and the same thought should be applied in this case. Even if you have an aggressive social media marketing strategy, it will still take some time for people to understand the value of it and learn about your brand.


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