Getting backlinks from lower page rank and low authority websites is not a hard task, you get hundreds of dofollow blogs where you can comment or write a guest posts to get some backlinks. But if you are willing to get backlinks from official WordPress website then here are some ways. All you need is a wordpress account which contains a link to your blog.

wordpress blog backlinks

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Why Get WordPress Blog Backlinks

Backlinks from WordPress Website are worthy as it is a high authority and high PR resource. Keeping your blog links in various sections of this site will also fetch some good amount of traffic to your blog.

MasterBlogster’s Fluid Notification Bar is the best example for this, we are getting decent amount of traffic from wordpress site though it was not our intention.

How to Get Backlinks from Official WordPress Website?

Here are some ways to fetch valuable wordpress blog backlinks from the various sections of WordPress site.

WordPress Support Forum

You can get the solutions to your wordpress related issues in support forum and a backlink to your blog in member page. WordPress adds your blog’s link to your title on the main page after you add number of posts over there. Not only you can ask questions but you can also help other newbies to solve their wordpress related issues if you know the solution.

Share Your Ideas

If you have a brilliant idea to improve the WordPress CMS then you can head over to the idea section where you can suggest for new features or discuss about improving existing wordpress features. Your name will get a backlink to your blog or website when you post your ideas. Be sure to post unique ideas.


If you are wordpress theme and plugin developer then you could able to get decent traffic along with the backlinks from wordpress site depending upon the quality of your work. You can provide a support link to blog or website in theme or plugin’s description.