Fluid Notification Bar

Plugin is nothing but the small program that extends the power of its parent software. WordPress has the large number of useful plugins to extend its power and add more functionality. Here in MasterBlogster we have come up with the new wordpress plugin called Fluid notification bar. Here is the short bio of this plugin and how it is helpful for you.

What is Fluid Notification Bar?

fluid notification bar screenshot

Wanna greet your website visitor? Want to share an important message with your blog visitor? Then fluid notification bar is the perfect plugin for this. Fluid notification bar plugin adds the cool responsive notification bar with hide button on the top of your website. This notification bar slides down with the catchy animation once your wordpress website or blog loads.

How this fluid notification bar helpful for me?

Fluid notification bar makes it easy to share your messages or notices related to your blog or website. It adds your message on the homepage in an attractive notification bar. As this plugin comes with responsive feature, fluid notification bar fits perfectly in PC, mobile and tablet devices. It can be used to-

  • Welcome your blog/website visitor
  • Announce the giveaways for your website or blog
  • Link to your blog post or particular page in your website
  • Say an important message such as server downtime or website maintenance alerts

How to add the text to fluid notification bar?

Fluid notification bar comes with an option panel which allows you to add notification text. Go to Settings >> Fluid notification bar options, specify your text and click on “Save changes” button.

You can also add link to your blog post or particular website form fluid notification bar, just enter the following HTML code along with your message <a href=”http://example.com”>example link</a> (replace http://example.com and example link with your URL and website name.

This plugin has been moved to this website

[works on both PHP 5.2 & 5.3 servers]