WP Link Hover Effect

Hi guys! Here we have come up with one more WordPress plugin i.e. WP Link Hover Effect.

Introduction to WP Link Hover Effect WordPress Plugin

WP link hover effect plugin adds cool effect for html links in wordpress articles. The plugin uses pure CSS3 to add rollover effect to links for WordPress articles.

Usually html links will be underlined when we move mouse over them but WP link hover effect plugin adds some extra effect along with underline which catches reader’s eyes.

WP link hover effect plugin is less than 2KB and easy to use, just install the plugin, activate it and you are ready to use it. We have come up with the video that demonstrates how the link hover effect looks in wordpress article.


Which Link Hover Effects are Available?

The first version of WP link hover effect plugin comes up with bracket style hover effect and we are planning to add more hover effects in the upcoming versions.

Requirements for Plugin

Your site must be HTML5 valid to use this plugin as this plugin relies upon <article> tag which was introduced in HTML5.

Download WP Link Hover Effect WordPress Plugin

WP Link Hover Effect can be downloaded from WordPress plugin repository, click on the button below to download this plugin.

[dl url=”http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-link-hover-effect-by-masterblogster/” title=”Download Plugin” desc=”” type=”” align=””]

CSS credit: Codrops