Masterblogster Lazy Loader

Hey Folk, here is our second WordPress plugin “MasterBlogster Lazy Loader”.

Are you bored with the static home page of your blog? Want to add some charm to your blog? MasterBlogster lazy loader is a cute little wordpress plugin that loads your blog posts one by one with cool sliding animation effect on the homepage (and pagination).

MasterBlogster lazy loader is easy to use, just install the plugin, activate it and bring life to your blog’s homepage. The plugin is very light in size which is less than 2KB, Check out our blog’s homepage for the live demo of this plugin. We have come up with the YouTube video to demonstrate the article sliding effect.

Here is the Demo of MasterBlogster Lazy Loader Plugin

Are There Any Requirements to Install MasterBlogster Lazy Loader Plugin?

There are no special requirements needed to install this plugin but your blog should be HTML5 valid that means your blog posts must be wrapped with <article> tag.

As this is the first release of this plugin we would like to receive feedback from you, please let us know if you find any bugs, you can also share your suggestions on improving this plugin. We hope you share this page with your friends!..

Download MasterBlogster Lazy Loader WordPress Plugin

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