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Quick Guide to Setup FeedBurner for WordPress Blog

FeedBurner is the most popular web feed management system by Google on which most of the bloggers rely upon to burn the RSS feeds. Before knowing how to setup FeedBurner for WordPress blog, we will first have a look at what exactly is RSS feed and Feedburner. What is RSS Feed? Most of the newbies

How to Analyze and Optimize the Loading Time of Your Blog?

Optimizing the loading time of the blog is one of the important factors of search engine optimization, Google loves faster web, if your blog loads quickly then your blog posts get more chances to rank higher in search result. Blog’s loading time depends upon the theme your blog use, how quickly your server responses and

Top 4 Google Chrome Extensions to Proofread Your Article

Usually most of the bloggers don’t bother about proofreading but it is an important segment of content writing job. In this article we have described about the importance of proofreading for bloggers and some useful tools to proofread your article. Also read:  Top 5 Websites to Check Backlinks and Traffic of your Blog Top 5

5 Tools to Craft Interactive Content

Interactive content is all the rage these days, and it’s hardly a surprise, because it’s impossible to beat when it comes to user engagement. If you are a content marketer, you should definitely start looking into this, since the interactive content marketing space is growing every day, and you don’t want to miss it. Nowadays,

8 Useful Ways to Draw Traffic to Your Blog

No matter how experienced and talented you are, there are always moments in your writing career when people seem not to be interested in your content anymore. You post, and you post, but nothing goes better. This situation might be a sign for you that there is something you need to improve or work on.