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Are you struggling to generate titles that rank you well and grab traffic? Maybe you should try these title generator tools. They are very useful, at times, at least you get to have a spring of ideas all around you! But first, you ought to know why titles are so much a talk of the town and how they help in generating high CTR(Click Through Rate)?

title generator

If you would have noticed, titles are unusually creative these days. Check out these titles-

20 Ways to Boost Traffic by 206% (You Can’t-Miss #18)

32 Tricks for Better Lead Gen (Try #30 First)

7 Simple Strategies for Better Social Engagement (#7 Can’t Lose)

These are some of the clickbait titles that have made their marks in everyone’s minds. They attract the readers on the first read!

What’s in a name? 

Ever wondered why, sometimes, despite all the hard work, your competitors win all the attention?

There are all the chances that

  1. You would have done more research,
  2. Invested more time and energy to draft a better document,
  3. Bolstered the document with many specially designed images

But still, you fail to accomplish the traffic that your competitors receive. 

Well, most of the time, success comes past many failures and then sees skies! But have you ever pondered on this and verified what exactly went wrong? 

Then, let me tell you, the blame could be tagged upon the Headline!

Why is the title so important? 

The title is the face of your article. It is probably the first, (sadly sometimes the only)  part of the article that the potential readers will see.  The title carries the gist of your subject, holds the keywords for the search engines and has the power to attract readers. 

Let us understand the importance of the title with simple analogies:

1. A title is the first impression: 

When a reader searches an article, all he/she comes across is an array of articles with the titles and their meta-descriptions.

Analyze the two titles below:

  1. Title Generation Is A Skill That Leads To Success And Everyone Should Learn It!
  2. Is Title Generation Still A Key To Success?

A boring and long title like the 1st one here, barely gets a click, as against this, if the title is catchy enough, short and sweet like the 2nd one, then within a fraction of seconds, it soon grabs the attention of the reader and the reader clicks the same. 

2. Generate good CTR

Simply put, the percentage of impressions that are resulted by a click is termed as the Click Through Rate or CTR. 

A CTR tells you how relevant your content is, according to the readers. If the users find your content highly relevant then it gets a high CTR. Gaining a high CTR is the first step in the process of improving your contents relevancy and vice versa.

Furthermore, the CTR is not only an indication of the content relevance but it also contributes to ranking in search engines. A good CTR will also bolster you with high-quality scores. 

What is CTR

3. Call for a read

Every reader takes barely a few seconds on the Google page to screen the title and pick a topic to read. That speaks, how important a title is!

Unless the title draws the attention of the reader, it doesn’t get clicked and hence doesn’t call for a read! As against this, a captivating title soon prompts the reader for a quick read. 

4. Search engine buddy

The title conveniently carries the keywords. When we generate the title, we need to focus on the keywords, to ensure that the article lands on the first page of the search engine(other conditions applied).

Keywords are used by search engines and databases to fetch the search results. In case, your title is missing relevant keywords then there are chances that the article won’t turn up in the search results. A nicely framed title is one that is search engine optimized. 

5. Information carrier

The title is a sentence that summarizes the whole article, in the best possible manner. It delivers the essence of the topic in a few words.

  • Convey the main researched topics
  • Highlights the subject
  • Is concise & attract readers

At times, crafting a good title for your manuscript becomes a challenging task. An ideal title should squeeze out the essence of the subject and portray the meaning with the least possible words. A long title can become clumsy and annoy readers, often failing to meet journal requirements.

Here are some tips that will help you land on the best titles

  1. Let keywords drive the title generation. Any title is only relevant till it carries the right keywords to rank on the first page of the search engine. Well, that speaks, unless the right keywords are inserted the title doesn’t appear to grab readers’ attention. 
  1. The best way to land on to a good title is by creating multiple titles and then choosing one of them. 
  1. Look at competitors’ headlines! This appears cheesy, but yeah to beat the competitors in the race, you need to aim higher than them. 
  1. There should be a positive/negative sentiment in the title. Sentiments make the title grab attention of the reader and are a call for a definite read. Click here to find a few good positive/ negative sentiment words.    
  1. Try including a number in your title. Numbers are tricky. We get tricked with numbers. 
  1. Power words largely attract the audience. It’s always better to use them. I found some of the best power words in here.                                        

What are some of the best Title Generators? 

Here are some ‘Title Generators’ to quickly create attractive and meaningful titles, in just a click!

1. Tweak Your Biz

Tweak Your Biz is a title generator tool that helps you create great titles. TWB claims to accelerate 50% more visitor traffic to your articles, blog posts, tweets, and more. 

Well, Tweak Your Biz is more than just a title generator tool. It is a blog with a plethora of genres that present several articles that call for a read. It is fairly a good title generator tool and suggests 1000’s of titles, but imbibed with AI bot.


Pros of TWB: 

  1. A ton of ideas for the post title
  2. Sorted categorized list of a planet of titles
  3. A simple and user-friendly interface

Cons of TWB

Out of 1000s of titles, there would be only a few that suit your topic. Choose accordingly. 

2. SEOPressor‘s blog title generator

SEOPressor‘s blog title generator is a tool that will help you create titles that sell. Just enter the keywords, and wait for the tool to generate headlines that are relevant to the target audience and will help the article rank, thereby making the website to produce easy money. 

Along with a good title generator, this is a good SEO suite and helps the customers with SEO content creation, obtaining competitor winning keywords, and much more. 

Blog Title Generator

Pros of SEO Pressor‘s blog title generator

  1. A description box with keyword type helps to retrieve more relevant headlines. 
  2.  Good look and feel 
  3. Easy to use interface

Cons of SEO Pressor‘s blog title generator

  1. Similar to Tweak Your Biz, out of 1000s of titles, there would be only a few that suit your topic. You get to choose a better one. 
  2. I experienced a smaller window screen view( the other half of the page covered with an ad) after the 5 free pages of titles were reached. 

3. Search Engine Journal SEJ

Now, if you are one of the creative humans on the earth and believe that you are capable of generating a title better than a much-trained bot, then this website is for you!

Search Engine Journal SEJ has a whole list of title variations with fascinating title illustrations that you can’t easily skip. I found this a particularly helpful page. Check if you can make any good out of it!


Pros of Search Engine Journal SEJ

  1. You get to choose and alter an array of eye-catching clickbait titles
  2. Explained and well presented with illustrations

Cons of Search Engine Journal SEJ

It is not a proper title generator tool and you need to get in and use your brains!

4. HubSpot‘s generator tool 

hubspot title generator

Hubspot’s blog ideas generator thinks for you and does the tricky work of generating titles. With a distinguished presentation of titles on sticky notes, this tool appears to be a good title generator with comparatively lesser title options but many relevant ones. There is a big bunch of titles to be unlocked with a premium version of the tool. 

Pros of HubSpot‘s generator tool 

Much sorted title generator with a clean presentation.

Cons of HubSpot‘s generator tool 

 Very few options to choose from

5. ShareThrough’s headline analyzer

As the name goes, ShareThrough’s headline analyzer is a brilliant analyzer tool that screens your already drafted headline and provides suggestions like increasing or decreasing the headline length, positive or negative emotion words, etc.

Share through

 It gives an engagement score, impression score, and an overall score, which helps you modify the title in line with the suggestions.

Pros of ShareThrough’s headline analyzer

Gives you an overall idea about the headline score, and helps you adjust the title to shape it into a better form.

Cons of ShareThrough’s headline analyzer

 It is an analyzer, and not a title generator. You need to present a title and get it altered for better traffic generation. 

6. Title Generator

The headlines in the Title Generator tool are basic pre-formulated ones. Though the tool is AI-driven, these titles are claimed to have already worked on so many pages. 

If not directly, but the titles from this tool can be custom made and used generously, as the tool seems to throw in plenty of titles with different ideas!

title generator

Around 700 title variations are huge, isn’t it? Well, again all the titles are not exactly suitable for any topic, but definitely, a whole bunch of ideas can be picked up from here.

Pros of Title Generator

  1. Has 700 title variations
  2. Has plenty of good title ideas

Cons of Title Generator

It is again the same pre-formulated list of titles. Only a few titles suit your topic.

7. Portent 

This old blackboard layout is very impressive and grabs the attention instantly. The titles in Portent’s Content Idea Generator appear one at a time and give enough evaluation time. We get to select or move forward to the next title with just a click of a tab.


Well, I must say that these titles are once again AI-generated and most often don’t suit our topic, but there are many profound titles, which can be saved for future use.

Pros of Portent

You get to analyze each title in detail. 

Cons of Portent

  1. Gives only one title at a time. It appears to be a slow process of selection.
  2.  You have to select the title that suits the topic from the many titles that pop up one at a time.

8. Inbound now Topic Generator

Inboundnow blog title idea generator seems to be a clear ‘pick-your-best’ title format. From the many pre-generated title formats, you get to select and modify the title according to your topic. Now, that seems a pretty sumptuous way of doing it, as you get to implement your creative brains, on the already existing idea!

Pros of Inbound now blog title idea generator

  1. You can just scroll down to find a long list of titles, from which picking up one is way too easy. 
  2. The titles look impressive

No cons that I see!


9. Blogabout 

Blogabout by IMPACT has a very impressive interface with multiple fonts juggling around in different spaces. The concept looks cool with a heart click on the interactive tab. If you like the generated title then you can simply click on the heart to make the title appear on the page at the bottom. This is a better way to sort the titles that you consider are good. Overall the generated are nice.  I like this title generator, as the titles here are catchy.


Pros of Blogabout:

  1. The concept of a page at the bottom gives altogether a distinguished interface with convenience.
  1. Users can easily take a note of the title that appears good to them and can track the same later.

No cons that I see!

Wrapping Up

Well, the list of title generators can go and on like this. I have a few more on my list, that you can go and look at  Advanced Marketing Institute, FatJoe, the HOTH Headline Generator, SumoMe‘s highly customizable headline generator, and the Kopywriting Kourse title generator.

Copywriting is a wonderful skill and excelling at it is the best option that you should opt for. But these title generators are very helpful when you are really in a rush to finish your targets. So, go for it, and use these title generators at your ease. 

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