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8 best practices to becoming a successful fashion blogger

Content is the reigning king of the internet, and it keeps creating great opportunities for people. Blogging is one of those professions that came into being because of the internet’s love for cool content. In fact, 65 percent marketers plan to improve their blogs. Fashion blogging is a branch of blogging that takes your focus

5 Ways to Improve Your Startup’s Social Media Presence

Social media has become practically unavoidable. It seems like every single brand today has at least one social media profile. However, out of all those brands, how many of them have an active social media presence? How many of them are simply there? How many of them post random links at random times, name-drop famous

Smart ideas to Craft Your Sales Pitch that Converts

Did you know that about 60% of qualified leads fail to convert because the buyer is unable to find value in purchasing the new product he showed some interest in? According to research by Forrester, approximately one million B2B sales pro will lose their jobs by 2020. Around 40% of sales representatives also find looking

Prepare Formidable SEO Content With These Practices

On-page SEO is as important as Off-Page, even some experts argue that on-page is more important to organically rank in search engines. Content makes a large portion of SEO and this is why creation and optimization of content infinitely improve the chances or ranking higher and get traffic from search engines. In this article, we

Adopt These 10 Practices to Improve Your Ecommerce Business

According to U.S Census Bureau News, the estimated total retail ecommerce sales will have increased a total of 16.0% in 2017 as compared to 2016 sales. By 2026, the desire for instant access will be the norm for society, as the major population of the world will be millennials who were born between 1982-2002. Moreover,

Strategies For Bloggers To Combat Writer’s Block

Overcoming Writer’s Block : There’s nothing more stressful than a blank screen with a looming deadline. Sometimes writers force themselves to type words onto the page, thinking if they just get started ideas will flow, only to find what they’ve written isn’t useful. The words don’t matter if they lack substance or if they fail

How Can Knowledge Management Improve Marketing?

Some might say that marketing is the most important aspect of business, and they could definitely be right. Marketing can make or break your business. It is everywhere, to the point where you do not even notice it, and it is very ingrained in our culture. Another key aspect in business is knowledge management systems,