Super Share

Introduction to Super Share WordPress Social Plugin

Super Share is a social sharing WordPress plugin by MasterBlogster that shows the social sharing buttons only after visitor reads your article. It also contains a Feedburner subscription form. Super share includes all the major social sharing buttons including Facebook like, Google+ 1, Twitter, Linkedin share and StumbleUpon.

supershare wordpress plugin by Masterblogster

What Makes Super Share Social Sharing Plugin Unique?

Unlike other plugins super share wordpress social plugin won’t annoy the readers throughout the article by scrolling aside or sticking at the top, it only displays the share box when reader reaches the end of the post. Super share also has a Feedburner subscription form below social sharing buttons so that readers can easily subscribe to your blog.

Features of Super Share WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

Super share WordPress social sharing plugin has some cool features that make it stand apart from other social sharing plugins, here are some to be noted-

Super Cool Interface

Super share WordPress social plugin has a cool ribbon style heading with catchy elegant interface. It relies upon CSS rather than images which has made the plugin light in size and it won’t affect the blog loading speed. The plugin displays the share box above the grayish background to catch the reader’s attention.

Feedburner Subscription Form

Super share social sharing plugin has a Feedburner subscription form below social sharing buttons which makes it easy for readers to subscribe to your blog for updates. All you need is to specify your blog’s Feedburner ID in the admin panel of the plugin to make the Feedburner form work.

Powerful Admin Panel

Super Share has a robust settings page that let you control and customize the plugin. It allows you to select which social sharing buttons you want to display in the share box, let you change the caption of the share box and specify your blog’s Feedburner ID. You can also choose to show share box on scroll or at the end of the post.

How to get feedburner id?

Super share WordPress social plugin needs your blog’s Feedburner ID to show the Feedburner form, we have come up with the step by step guide on how to setup and get your Feedburner ID.

Beta Release Note

This plugin has been tested in many usual WordPress themes as well as Thesis framework and we have not noticed any major issues yet. As this is the initial release of this plugin, we are eager to receive your feedback.

Download Super Share WordPress Plugin

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