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The Ultimate Guide to Optimize Page Speed for a WordPress Website

A fast loading speed for your webpages are critical when people are visiting your website. Each additional seconds it takes for visitors to wait for your page to load is time that allows them to change their mind and simply go to a competitor’s website instead. An optimal loading speed will increase your domain authority,

How to Analyze and Optimize the Loading Time of Your Blog?

Optimizing the loading time of the blog is one of the important factors of search engine optimization, Google loves faster web, if your blog loads quickly then your blog posts get more chances to rank higher in search result. Blog’s loading time depends upon the theme your blog use, how quickly your server responses and

Best Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database

WordPress relies upon MySQL database which is the most popular open source relational database management system. Though WordPress wisely uses the database, it needs regular clean-ups and optimizations to keep the database healthy and bug free. Here we have come up with 2 free WordPress plugins to optimize WordPress database and defrag them for proper