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Best Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database


WordPress relies upon MySQL database which is the most popular open source relational database management system. Though WordPress wisely uses the database, it needs regular clean-ups and optimizations to keep the database healthy and bug free. Here we have come up with 2 free WordPress plugins to optimize WordPress database and defrag them for proper space allocation.

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List of Plugins to Optimize WordPress Database



WP-Optimize is one of the good WordPress plugin to optimize WordPress database which comes with some other useful features including removing post revisions, deleting un-approved comments as well as spam comments.

If you are using PhpMyAdmin to optimize WordPress database then you should check out this plugin as it provides the simple and user friendly interface for what you do in PhpMyAdmin for database optimization.

DB – Optimize


DB – Optimize is another database optimization plugin for WordPress that defragments the database, repairs the tables, sort out index pages as well as updates table’s statistics of the database.

DB Optimize has an easy to use user interface which helps to optimize WordPress tables and retrieve the unused space within seconds. Just navigate to “Tools >> DB – Optimize” page to check the status of your WordPress tables.

Note: It is highly recommended to backup your WordPress database before trying both of the WordPress database optimization plugins mentioned above.


  1. Thanks for your post, I hadn’t seen the wp-optimize plugin before. I found the plugin Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions really useful, when you edit pages frequently it is great. I notice a pretty good speed increase after cleaning up all the mess.


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