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5 Best Asynchronous Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

There is no doubt that social sharing plugin helps to spread your blog content and make it viral on the social media networks but do you know how it impacts on the loading time of your blog? Yes it impacts much, a social sharing plugin has to load minimum 5 sharing button scripts namely Facebook,

Top 5 Fresh and Free Image Slider Plugins for WordPress

Image sliders are the most important segments of the website which are helpful to show off your products and services with cool transition effects, modern image sliders also comes with text and description as well as layered animation to make the slide show more effective and also make the website look elegant. Here we have

Step By Step Guide to Make WordPress Blog Comments DoFollow

We came to know how to check whether a blog is dofollow or nofollow in our earlier article, in this post we will shed light on how to add dofollow attribute to WordPress blog to make your blog comments dofollow. By default WordPress blog comments use no-follow attribute which don’t pass Google page rank to

Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Secure WordPress Website

There is no doubt that WordPress is a secured content management system, the WordPress developer team rolls out regular updates to provide maximum possible security but evil minds always use to find vulnerabilities to exploit so it is safe to add an extra security system to make your website more secure. Securing your WordPress website

How to Add Header Image to Your WordPress plugin?

Are you a WordPress plugin developer? Want to add a header image for your newly created wordpress plugin? Well, here is a small tutorial on how to add custom header image to wordpress plugin. Before continuing to tutor let me add a note on why adding header image to your WordPress plugin is important. Also

How to Add Cool Shadow Effect to Images in WordPress?

By default WordPress editor allows you to add black border to your images but how to add shadow effect to images? There is a WordPress plugin available to achieve this, WP Image Borders is the plugin we are going to describe with which you add cool drop shadow effect to your images. You can see

How to Hide Specific Page or Post Title in WordPress?

When you search for the keyword “how to hide title on specific page or post in wordpress?” in Google, you get most of the results which elaborates about adding either PHP code or CSS to hide the title. Even WPMU suggests to use “display: none” for the class of the page or post to hide