Are you a WordPress plugin developer? Want to add a header image for your newly created wordpress plugin? Well, here is a small tutorial on how to add custom header image to wordpress plugin. Before continuing to tutor let me add a note on why adding header image to your WordPress plugin is important.

header image to wordpress plugin

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Why Should You Add Header Image to your WordPress Plugin?

You might have seen many plugins in WordPress plugin repository that comes with header image, adding header image to wordpress plugin makes users easily understand the concept of your plugin, they can easily come to know how your plugin looks and works. Adding header image also gives a professional touch to your plugin.

We have added header image for our jQuery Side Menu and Fluid Notification Bar wordpress plugins. Well, let’s continue to our main topic- how to add header image for WordPress plugin.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Header Image to WordPress plugin

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop or Gimp image editor software
  2. Create a new image file with 772px width and 250px height
  3. Insert your plugin’s screenshot in the file, do not write your plugin name over here as WordPress automatically adds the name in the plugin page, but you can describe your plugin’s features
  4. Now save the image as PNG or JPG (GIF image format is not allowed) with the file name “banner-772×250” inside “assests” folder
  5. Now commit the changes using your favorite SVN client
  6. Finally refresh your wordpress plugin page after few seconds to see the changes.