Are you thinking of how to show the recent posts of specific category in wordpress sidebar? Personally I messed with such scenario while I was designing a website for an educational institute, I wanted to show recent posts of “News and Events” category in the sidebar, I got a cool plugin called “Ultimate Posts Widget” while I was searching for the solution on the web which helped me to add post widget in wordpress sidebar with specific category.

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Quick Review of Ultimate Posts Widget Plugin

ultimate posts widget

Ultimate posts widget plugin helps to show the posts of specific category in the widget along with thumbnail, you can order the posts by published date, ascending or descending manner. It is also possible to show published date, published time and post author along with the post title in the widget.

How to Show the Posts of Specific Category in the Widget Using Ultimate Posts Widget Plugin?

Here is the step by step guide to show the recent posts of specific category in sidebar using ultimate posts widget plugin-

  1. Login to your WordPress admin area
  2. Go to “Plugins >> Add new” and search for ultimate posts widget plugin, or here is the link
  3. Install the plugin and activate it
  4. Now go to “Appearance >> Widgets” page
  5. Drag and drop “Ultimate Posts” widget to sidebar or header or footer panel
  6. Enter the title for widget and select the category of which you want to display the posts
  7. Put a right mark for “show title” check box and also check out “Show thumbnail” check box if you want to display the thumbnail along with the post
  8. Finally click on “Save” button, that’s it, recent posts of selected category will be added to sidebar widget.