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5 Best Email Automation Plugins For WooCommerce

woocommerce email automation plugins

WooCommerce simplifies the process of designing and maintaining an online marketplace by providing appropriate degrees of versatility and a number of prominent components such as stock and taxation control, safe transactions, and shipment compatibility.

woocommerce email automation plugins

Rated a 4.5/5 by users all around the world and With over 39 million downloads installs to date, WooCommerce is one of the best WordPress plugins that supports almost all of all WordPress retailers. WooCommerce is the most commonly adopted and best WordPress plugins for online retailers, has a minimal level of complexity, making it simple to use for new web traders.

WooCommerce is unquestionably the most useful and helpful and hence is consider as one of the best WordPress plugins, and it integrates fantastic SEO benefits and e-commerce efficiency.

Email marketing is the practice of delivering emails to groups of people in order to advertise one’s enterprise. It is widely used by small businesses and manufacturers as it can reach particular audiences and is less expensive than traditional media outlets such as a TV advert. Companies can easily engage with their current and prospective consumers through e-mail advertising, promoting engagement while boosting revenue. This whole process of sending adverts, newsletters, promotions etc through mail can be made autonomous using add-ons or plugins to your WooCommerce websites.

Add-ons, especially email automation add-ons, are the strongest part of having a WooCommerce e-commerce website. Not only can you present new innovations and expand your market, but you can also maximize the performance and intensity of your productivity so that you get to work more efficiently. There are plenty of free and paid plug-ins, here are some of our favourite:

1. Mailchimp


Mailchimp has been a resounding hit and is the go-to email automation tool for many people and groups alike and has a wonderful UI system that even beginners will get used to within minutes. 

Mailchimp offers straightforward duties, including e-mail newspaper ads allowing the customer list, for you and the organization to make complex choices at e-mail automation camps, such as introducing the media analysis and advertisement channels. You can build custom sites and update your company via email, web pages, the social media and much more on an independent platform with Mailchimp.

Pricing: It’s available in 3 pricing options; Free which is completely free to use but offers limited features. Grow option starts at $10 per month and offers some additional features to the free plan. Lastly, there’s the Pro option which unlocks and offers all Mailchimp features, it starts at $199 a month.


2. Omnisend


Omnisend is a versatile add-on that provides larger companies assets and marketing tools they lack or wouldn’t get in another plugin. It is a top-class email automation platform and performs excellently, thanks to its sophisticated automation framework.

It provides powerful marketing instruments aimed at more mature customers and excellent process automation capability. It’s a great plugin that all e-commerce and online companies should be using. It has outstanding and advanced capabilities that other apps don’t have and that’s why its great for companies looking to expand or that handle huge amounts of traffic.

Pricing: Omnisend starts with a free plan, a $16 per month plan and goes up to $2000 per month.


3. Drip


Drip is an automated email plugin and marketing platform that allows customers to build relationships with sellers. It provides a wide range of marketing resources and e-mail is just one of its functions. The integrated analytical platform uses consumer data which increases revenues. 

In combination with the amazing customization software, which is personalized and made to users satisfaction, its one of the most innovative plugins and excels at providing whatever you need. It also offers an array of Efficient and effective tools for e-commerce brands make it a special winner for online businesses.

Pricing: Available from $19 per month which gives you 500 contacts. More contacts increase the per month cost.


4. AWeber

AWeber  is another email automation platform that will enable your company to organize and personalize your email advertising campaigns while still targeting the group you want to reach each and every time. Its distinct range of options, tools and services can assist you in developing long-term partnerships with your clients, as well as the sales.

They have totally reshaped their platform and now provide an inexpensive and super simplistic visual sequence creator.

Pricing: It’s available in 2 pricing options; Free which is completely free to use but offers limited features. The pro option starts at $19 per month and offers everything AWeber has to offer.




Pabbly is an excellent solution to a low-cost email automation, newsletter s and marketing services platform with strong and advanced features. It is a sophisticated and a more specialized email marketing program best suited for all types of companies, blogs, and specialists. It has innovative functions such as auto-responder, drip mailing/advertisement, list segmentation and so on that help to simplify the workload.

Aside from that, it allows you to easily pick the contacts to whom you would like to send adverts, promotions and mails. And, in a matter of seconds, Pabbly would deliver emails to the clients who have signed up.

Pricing: It starts at $24 per month which offers 5000+ contacts.There is also a trail version available for new users.




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