Showing related post under each post is the best way to engage visitors in your blog and increase the pageviews, it also helps to decrease the bounce rate. By displaying related posts of your blog you can drive traffic to your older posts which again link to similar articles, it is like an article cycle which helps to increase the traffic and revenue.

Related posts plugins serves similar posts to your readers and make them stick to your blog and as a result your reader gets complete information of the topic he/she is searching for, for example if the visitor is reading “What is Blogging?” article in your blog then he could also come to know about “Blogging Platforms” written by you which will be showed in related posts.

Here we have listed some best wordpress plugins to show related posts of your blog which are highly customizable to blend the look and feel of the plugin with your blog.

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List of WordPress Plugins to Show Related Posts of Your Blog

nRelate Flyout

nRelate Flyout

nRelate is the most popular plugin to display related posts, it will display similar articles along with thumbnail on a cool flyout when reader scrolls down the article, It comes up with a powerful settings panel which let you customize the flyout the way you want. You can set the location of the flyout, animation effect and thumbnail size. nRelate Flyout plugin indexes your blog posts automatically.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is another popular plugin to list related posts of your blog which has got appreciated by Matt Mullenweg who is the creator of wordpress. YARPP supports thumbnail and templates. With YARPP you can either choose from list or thumbnail style to show related posts. YARPP automatically indexes your posts by caching them when your pages get hits.

Shareaholic Related Posts


If you don’t want use separate plugins for social sharing buttons and related posts then you can give try to Shareaholic related posts which merges these features in a single plugin. Shareaholic related posts plugin adds both sharing buttons & related posts your article with easy to use settings panel, Shareaholic can be customized with different themes to match with your blog. Shareaholic plugin is optimized for mobile devices including Apple and Android.

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress related posts plugin adds similar posts with thumbnail in the footer of your blog post. It also delivers real time statistics of pageviews and clicks. WordPress related posts plugin is responsive which perfectly fits in mobile and tablets.



LinkWithin is a simple yet nice related posts widget which supports Blogger, WordPress and TypePad blogging platforms. Installing LinkWithin is a bit tricky job and newbies may find it difficult. Here is a quick note on how to install linkwithin in wordpress.

  1. First of all go to linkwithin website, enter your email, URL and select wordpress platform
  2. click on “Get Widget” button, download the zip file (don’t close the page), install the plugin into your wordpress website and activate it
  3. Now go to “Tools >> Exports” in wordpress admin panel and click on “Download Export file” by choosing “All content” option
  4. Finally go to the page where you had downloaded the linkwithin plugin zip file and scroll to bottom, click on “choose file” and select the just downloaded XML file, click on “Import Posts” button. That’s it, linkwithin indexes your blog articles to display in related posts.

You need to set “Show LinkWithin only on Single Posts” in linkwithin settings page to show related posts only on your articles instead on both articles and homepage.