Are you planning to write a tutorial post for your blog? Why don’t you present it in a new and effective manner? Writing tutorial article consumes more time compared to regular or list type posts, you have to take screenshot of each step then add them one by one in WordPress editor. Adding image after each step is not an ideal way if you are writing a long tutor article.

How about presenting all your tutor images in a slider which you can embed just above the steps you write? Seems interesting right? SlideShare comes handy to achieve this.

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What is SlideShare?

SlideShare is a renowned community to share presentations publicly or privately, It supports Microsoft Powerpoint, OpenOffice presentation, PDF and MS Word file formats which can be up to 100 MB in size for free usesrs. You can sign up to SlideShare with your existing Facebook or Linkedin account or create a new one.

How to Make a Slider of Tutor Images with SlideShare and Embed it in WordPress?

Creating slider of your images with SlideShare is easy, just go through the steps below or refer the SlideShare slider below!

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint software
  2. Select all the tutor images which you want to make slider and drag-n-drop in MS-PowerPoint
  3. Arrange the images slide by slide, you can use PowerPoint’s arrows, shapes, charts and smart arts to make your tutor more interactive. Once done with the job, save the presentation
  4. Login to your SlideShare account (you can login with your Facebook or Linkedin account), press upload button and upload the just created PowerPoint presentation file
  5. Once uploaded, go to “My uploads”, click on the new slider you just created and click on “Embed” option then on “Customize” button
  6. Copy the short code (second code) and paste it where you wish to add the slider in your article.

Check out the SlideShare slider I added above the steps.. It is easy Isn’t it?

What are the Advantages of Using SlideShare in your blog?

There are many advantages of using SlideShare.

  • You can make your tutor article more interesting and interactive by using PowerPoint’s features
  • Readers can easily understand the tutor by navigating through slides
  • you save your valuable bandwidth and server space.
  • Slideshare uses HTML5 rather than Flash and hence works in all the devices including iPad, iPhone and Android.