When you search for the keyword “how to hide title on specific page or post in wordpress?” in Google, you get most of the results which elaborates about adding either PHP code or CSS to hide the title. Even WPMU suggests to use “display: none” for the class of the page or post to hide the page/ post title. This one is good idea which could be easily understood by the experienced users but beginners can’t easily go through it. So here is an easy to use plugin to hide specific page title i.e. Hide Title.

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Quick Review of Hide Title Plugin

hide specific page title

Hide title plugin is an easy to use WordPress plugin developed by Randall Runnels which makes it easy to hide the title of particular page or post. The plugin adds hide title check box on page or posts you create, just check this box if you want to hide the title for the active page. Here is the step by step guide on how to install and use this plugin to hide specific page title in WordPress.

How to install and use Hide Title plugin to hide specific page title?

  1. Navigate to plugins section and press “Add new” button
  2. Now enter “Hide Title” in the search box and press “Search Plugins” or use this link
  3. Install the plugin and activate it
  4. Now open the page or post for which you wish to hide the title, a new hide title box appears
  5. Check right mark for “Hide the title on singular page views.” Option and update the page/ post. The page title will be hidden.

Plugin URL: www.wordpress.org/plugins/hide-title