Bootstrap by Twitter is one of the best front end framework for web development, it has all the necessary components including forms, buttons, navigation, typography, pagination, progress bars and lot more to design elegant websites. Bootstrap 3 has introduced “Mobile First” feature that made it easier to design mobile friendly website than ever before. If you are already familiar with Bootstrap 2 then you can easily understand Bootstrap 3 and migrate to it within hours and you will simply fall in love with it.

There are hardly few Bootstrap 3 frameworks available for WordPress as Bootstrap 3 has released recently and most of them are paid but here is a Bootstrap 3 framework available for WordPress which is absolutely free to use i.e. upBootWP By Upplex.

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Features of upBootWP WordPress Bootstrap Theme Framework

WordPress Bootstrap Theme Framework

Ready to Use

upBootWP is a simple bootstrap 3 theme framework for wordpress that makes it easy to build wordpress themes using Bootstrap 3 framework. Almost everything is setup in this theme framework to build a responsive wordpress theme using Bootstrap 3.


Upplex’s upBootWP supports both CSS and LESS so you can work on which you are comfortable with. You can switch between CSS and LESS in functions.php.

Translation Ready

upBootWP Bootstrap 3 theme frameworks is translation ready, you can translate the theme to your regional language by editing the POT file placed inside the language folder.

How to Install upBootWP WordPress Bootstrap Theme Framework

  • Download the upBootWP theme framework
  • Unzip the file you just downloaded and paste it inside wp-content/themes folder
  • Login to your WordPress admin area and activate the theme, now start building your WordPress theme with the intuitive Bootstrap 3 framework.

Download upBootWP WordPress Bootstrap Theme Framework.