The web is a new place for promising business ideas along with newer ventures. But, a lot of people nowadays aren’t sticking to the same old primitive tools of expanding their business ideas. Let’s consider the millennials, most of us are on the internet and many of us even own personal blogs, vlogs and online space where we make sales. The Internet is a potential place to earn money and livelihood. Research and analysis play a key role in judging our business growth along with improvising the marketing strategies. By analyzing our weak points, we give ourselves the opportunity to treat those weak areas and boost the chances of our success. And, web analytics helps you access and improvise the web traffic, increase its effectiveness, identify poorly performing pages and also give you a detailed visitor insight along with their geographical location, time spent on the website and some other relevant information.

How To Effectively Imply Google Analytics?

1. Google Analytics 360 suite

Created specifically for enterprises, it claims to provide you a better customer experience. This service lets you find newer customers accounting to the integration with AdWords and other media solutions. Since it works on a centralized account management it’s painlessly easy to control the access and permissions across your entire product list. The data that you receive is completely real-time.

Some of the features are listed below:

1. You receive a 24×7 customer support from Google.

2. With this Enterprise version of the mainstream standard Google Analytics, you are entitled to training from Google experts, implementation support, audit and much more.

3. The pricing seems to be heavily weighted. $150,000/year!

2. Google Analytics Standard

If you wish to measure your web efforts along with your website content just in order to boost your overall online experience then this is definitely meant for you. If your venture is a comparatively smaller one and doesn’t need any professional help then you can stick to the Google standard analytics. It’s free of cost and comes with multiple tools for you to supervise and regulate your web metrics.

Some of the features are listed below:

1. Developed for enterprises that work with a small amount of clientele and limited turnover.

2. Tools for self-assessing your web traffic with no professional help.

3. Completely free of cost but has limited facilities compared to Google Analytics Premium 360.

Once you’ve decided onto the service you want to incorporate with your website, you can finally move to the procedures of registration and installation.

How Will Google Analytics Help Your Business?

1. Dedicatedly Assembled Dashboard

You can arrange and organize your dashboard as per your preference. Let’s consider that there’s a particular area you’d like to target just to boost its individual performance. You can select this and add it to your dashboard just so that you can glance at it whenever you wish to.

Similarly, you can create several dashboards and further apply multiple widgets to them. The dashboard will provide you with a clear metric and overall performance of the area that matters to you the most. You can also compare between multiple dashboards just to see if there is some inter-relation between them and how it could be possibly affecting your performance.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Your Visitors

You can effortlessly see where your visitors are from, for how long they stayed on your website, what was the duration they spent on every page and all those relevant things. This will help you get better because it will give you an insight of what the public prefers to see. Targeting and studying your audience takes you a step closer towards your goal completion.

3. Recognise Your Weak Pages And Content

By identifying your weakly performing pages, you can know what leaves your audience unsatisfied. If a reader doesn’t stick around much then probably they are leaving your website with a disappointment. It also means that they didn’t get what they were looking for. Through Google Analytics, you can even see what your visitors had searched for on the website. By determining the weak areas, you give yourself more space to improvise and avoid the same errors in future.

4. Determine The Value Of User-Friendly Website

Through Google Analytics, you can know how many of your readers are accessing the website from a mobile. If the percentage is high then you should have a website that is mobile friendly. Having an interface that works on a cell phone will make it convenient for your visitors. There are several things you will learn once you have actually incorporated this service. All tiny details and changes could contribute to a larger success rate potentially booking your business.

5. Judge Your Social Media Popularity

It’s like having your very own online personal assistant. You get to know your popularity level on the social media, a number of likes, shares, follows that you receive on your Google, Facebook and numerous other social accounts. This helps you grade yourself and determine how are faring among social networking websites.

6. Know Your Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is simply the number of people who’ve visited the website but didn’t spend sufficient time assessing it. You can learn the number of users who bounced off the web content without having a thorough look at it.

The bottom line is that Google Analytics can help you in several ways and it has numerous features to guide and boost your idea. It is the fuel that you need to pump up your business ideas.


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