One of the best ways to start a blog is to start writing about something you’re passionate about. A common passion that many people have is video games. It might be a great idea to start a video game blog if you want a fun way to make some money online. Of course, that requires you to create and design a video game site. To give you some inspiration, here is a list of some well-designed video game blogs.

Video Game Updates 

1. Nintendo Life

Nintendo Life is a colorful website that has a great navigation that makes great use of icons and uses a great font for their content. The blog is simply designed but uses high quality images to draw you in to the posts.

2. Gematsu

Gematsu does a great job on delivering the content users want as soon as you hit the main page. All the major video game updates are organized and quickly accessible. A rotating carousel also does a great job in presenting a variety of content.

3. Dual Shockers

This is another example of the kind of site you can build with a domain name and a web hosting service. It’s a simple site with a lot of white space, a minimalist hamburger style navigation and a clean font. A site like this can be built using a basic WordPress theme provided by your web hosting provider.

4. Games Radar

Games Radar built a solid structure for their site. They manage to strike the right balance of content and sponsored advertising. The layout is multi-layered and can be quite complex but it is still user friendly.

5. Mii Gamer

Have a lot of content and want a layout that does the job making sure all of it is seen? Mii Gamer does a great job in breaking their main page down into three columns and making sure all their latest content is accessible. The blog snippets are squeezed in but still maintain neat and organized look.

6. Giant Bomb

What makes Giant Bomb such a well-designed blog is the fact that their layout is so darn clean. While there is a lot of content, there is enough space and headlines to organize it all and bring it together. Their featured content also manages to use a fantastic image to sell the click.

7. Retro Gamer

The first thing you notice when you land on Retro Gamer is the awesome 2D animation they use for their header. They use the retro theme very well. Everything from the font, icons to the colors give the site a unique identity.

8. Massively OP

One of the biggest issues with a lot of video game sites is that it’s hard to recognize the widgets. The designs fall flat and make it seem like the widgets only serve as a distraction. Massively OP fixes this problem by using a lot of space, clearly labeling each widget and making them actually valuable to the readers.

9. Playstation Lifestyle

Playstation Lifestyles ditches the traditional navigation menu and uses a side menu that moves with your mouse scrolling. This minimalistic design is refreshing and removes the bogged down feel of many other video game sites with nested navigation.  

10. Rock Paper Shotgun

Rock Paper Shotgun does an amazing job of integrating their sponsored ads into their presentation. The graphic blends in with the layout without taking away from the navigation and main content.

11. Gamenesia

Gamenesia does a great job of presenting their featured content. They use a sliding carousel that changes the graphics based on the small navigation links on the right hand side of the carousel. It allows the user to focus in on the content they are interested in without the confusing sliding arrow that many websites use.

12. Pure Nintendo

Pure Nintendo pulls of minimalism in a sleek and sexy way. It uses large hero images for featured posts, uses a card based blog snippets with high quality images and features a beautiful navigation footer for users looking for more content. The blog lists a limited amount of posts per page and uses lots of space to make it pleasing to the eyes.

13. Gaming Debugged

This popular video gaming blog has a truly unique design. It uses large hero images, content navigation strips that strewn throughout the page and a hamburger style navigation menu on the far right side of the page. Gaming Debugged is one of the few blogs you must check out if you want to create an original design for your blog.

14. Shack News

Shack News seems like a normal looking site but what makes it special is the little accents, icons and mouseover interaction that draw you in. This blog is proof that sometimes the little things do make a big difference.

15. PC Gamer

If you’re looking for more of a magazine editorial look for your blog, then look no further than PC Gamer. It uses a varied layout and great images to engage users into discovering their content.

There are many design choices you can make based on looking at these popular video game blogs. One of the things you’ll notice is that most of the websites keep it simple. This is simply because the nature of video game update blog is that they are content driven. As a result, it will often be a combination of small design elements (icons, header, font, layout) that will ultimately help you create a unique design.