The popularity of social media marketing in business has increased over the years specifically because of popularity of social media platforms amongst all age groups as a medium of communication and connection. It has proved to benefit everyone over the years. Both, the consumer end and the business brand use social media to their advantage. The populace looks forward to getting updates regarding different brands, communicates with each other and find answers to their queries while the business brands advertise their product and get traffic for their local and online stores.

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It’s fascinating how a single social media platform can bring together people from different age, race, location and cast together at one place. And that’s not it. There are more secrets about social media that simply fascinates the users. In order to help you use social media more effectively we have created a list of 7 secrets about social media that will hypnotize you:


  • Customization and privacy:


Privacy concern has been a hot issue regarding social media for the past years and allegedly social media breaches our privacy and use it for different purposes. While, social media websites themselves play with the privacy of users, still they provide you with an option of pure customization and personalizing of your information. For example, on Facebook, if you have 100 friends or followers and you want to share something which could be sensitive or unusual for some of the users, then you can easily filter them out and share your update with the remaining people. The good thing is that you can change such customization settings with each and every post.The customization option is available on Facebook and Twitter presently.


  • Social media uses cookies:


This secret has both positive and negative aspects.The social media platforms record cookies of your web browser and use them to manage and maintain the algorithms of their website. The pros and experts in the field do know about this but many other regular users of social media are unaware of this fact. Moreover,if you clear the cookies and then try to log in your social media account, you will realize that the content being displayed on your homepage is different from the one which was appearing in the presence of the cookies.Try this one out and see the difference yourself!


  • Relevant posts and ads:


On social media or more specifically on Facebook and Twitter, if you randomly like 2 or 3 posts or tweets from any individual, then these social media websites will tend to show you content from that same individual more frequently and that’s too on top of front page. This depicts the use of automatic artificial intelligence by the social media websites.


  • Reach out to the desired audience only:


The social media platforms are an amazingsource to get in touch with people of different age, gender,location and preferences. It can help the user to gain advantages that lead to the success of the brand. The social Medias like facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat are mainly used for entertainment and business purposes. The pages can be created on these platforms, run and directed to specific audience increasing the chances of sales and profit earned. You can also keep your business page away from the irrelevant audience. Amazing for the business owners, right?


  • Social media websites record your secret phone data which can be accessed by anyone:


It is known by everyone that different play store apps seek permission from the user for recording his phone data, including calls history, SMS and contacts. The same function is undertaken by social media websites withouttaking the permission. For instance, if you are using Facebook on the web browser or app from a cell phone, it secretly stores all of your private information and there is a download option in settings with the help of which you can download all of your Facebook portfolios. In case if your account gets hacked, the hacker can download the private information causing some real inconvenience.


  • Targeted ads and promotion:


This feature of social media is usually known by most of us. It is available on almost all of the social media websites. With the help of social media ads, your business can be promoted with the specification of audience and location. This is an economical option than other advertising mediums and also gathers more accurate results if it is done through expert link building service providers like Miami SEO.


  • Location tracking:


This might come as a surprise to you!

We all know that the location of a person can be tracked using GPS tracking and other methods that include using social media accounts. The secret here is that even if you have placed the wrong location information on the social media platform, your real location can be tracked. This feature apparently seems like a violation of privacy standards but it has helped in catching and arresting the burglars, thieves and culprits with the help of their social media accounts as well.

Aren’t you amazed by how the social media networks know so much about us?                                               This might seem like a breach in the privacy but on the same time, it helps us in spending a quality time, getting in touch with each other and spreading our business nation and worldwide. The twenty first century has made the use of social media a great necessity. And as everything has its pros and cons, social media networks have some too.

About the guest author:

Abi Cool is the Director of Search at Marketing Wind – (Miami SEO Company) and is an experienced SEO Outreach expert and advertising specialist. His interests lie in Digital Marketing Management. He is an internet marketing enthusiast and his specialty is in search engine optimization outreach and content marketing.