Are you all set to launch your new product collection this Christmas? That’s amazing. Well, the holiday season is the time to shop, give & receive gifts and be merry. No wonder, it’s one of the best times to release best collections. However, just a mere launch alone won’t be enough to peak your sales figure. The competition is cut-throat around. You have to promote your latest collection in the smartest way possible to seal a truly merry Christmas for yourself and your team. The post below shares 5 winning tips to promote your new product at its best.

Release a preview

You have to create the aura that something exciting is on the way before it is actually released. So, you should come up with a preview of your collection beforehand. You can host a pre-launch private party exclusively for your loyal clients. It will make them feel special and inspire them to shop your latest collection.

You should also work to spread the news through billboards and announcements on your website.

Promote on social media

One of the best ways to market your latest video on social media is through a catchy video. Make sure to add audio to the video to make it more attractive. Since it’s a holiday launch, try to throw in some Christmas jingles or tracks (if that suit the product) to complement the festive mood around. You can take the help of a video editor software program here. Movavi Video Editor would be a good option. The cutting edge program (more details here – ( comes with a huge batch of advanced editing tools for polished and professional videos.

You can also write a short post on it that will serve as the announcement of the new product collection. Then, it will be great to launch sweepstakes, giveaways and contests themed around the new collection to attract your social followers. Contests are really catchy. According to studies, a Facebook contest can pull 34 percent new fans per campaign on an average.

You should also post ads on social media if your budget permits.

In-store promotion

Promote your new collection all across the store to garner the attention of in-store customers. You can stick posters, hang cut-outs and install signs that talk about the latest collection. Hand out small samples of the product to everyone who comes in or passes by your store to spread the word. It would also be great to launch the product with special offers and discounts.

Take to email marketing

82 percent customers open business or marketing emails. 44 percent of recipients make minimum one purchase based on promotional emails. Put simply, your latest product collection is likely to receive a huge response from your leads if you spread the news through email. Along with the email text, include a link of the marketing video that you have made for the new collection.

Join trade shows

You should also put up a stall in upcoming trade shows related to your industry to spread awareness about your product in the market.