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8 best practices to becoming a successful fashion blogger

how to become a fashion blogger

Content is the reigning king of the internet, and it keeps creating great opportunities for people. Blogging is one of those professions that came into being because of the internet’s love for cool content. In fact, 65 percent marketers plan to improve their blogs.

Fashion blogging is a branch of blogging that takes your focus away from the runways and brings you insights into how it is really like to live a fashionable life. Today we will tell you how you can start your career as a fashion blogger with these best practices:

Write your ideas:

Writing is one thing about blogging that most people take for granted. Your blog won’t be as impressive if you don’t pour your heart out into it. Therefore, the first step towards becoming a successful fashion blogger is to write about your ideas and expertise as much as you can!

If you are out in town and a post idea hits you, always write it down in the notes app on your phone or keep a notepad with you. When you put more text on your blog, you immediately make room for more opportunity for search engines to find your blog.

There is no other way to reach the top. You have to be active, full of ideas and write regularly. Don’t jump into a hectic writing schedule from the beginning. Start with one or two posts a week and slowly increase their frequency.

To help with publishing and creating unique content, many bloggers keep a content calendar for their blogs. Here is how you can create a blogging calendar for your fashion blog that will ensure you never run out of ideas!

Instagram is not a blog:

Instagram is your best friend, but it is not a blog. This is where many aspiring fashion bloggers risk their careers. While Instagram is a great platform to showcase your talent in a visually pleasing way, it is also a huge risk to rely solely on this platform.

What if the folks at Instagram decide one day that a piece of content violates their policies? It will result in the loss of an account that took you months or years to build.

The tip here is simple. You can’t own an Instagram account, but you can easily own a website of your own. Keep on using social media to attract more people towards your blog, but always use your blog as the key platform to showcase your fashion blogging talent.

Many fashion bloggers get their Instagram posts embedded on client sites as a collaboration that benefits both parties. For example, the Leather Skin Shop embeds blogger looks from Instagram on their website to showcase their jackets online:

You can also embed your Instagram feed on your blog to benefit from the two-way traffic.

Target your audience:

Now that you have your own blogging platform, it is time to think about your audience. Who will benefit from your fashion expertise? Target a set of people who would love your ideas.

Always remember who you are, where you started from and how you plan to grow in the future. Successful fashion bloggers keep their followers close to their hearts, and these followers are the best networks you can create.

Heard of Lyn Slater? She called herself an Accidental Icon because the internet loved her style as a 50+ woman. Now, her target audience is women in their 50s and 60s, and the fashion blogging community loves her.

Know yourself:

You can’t build a fashion blog if you don’t know your style statement. What is right and acceptable to you, may not be right for others. It is a risky thing, but don’t lose your originality to gain success or fame. You will be the best version of yourself if you stay true to you.

For new bloggers, it’s important to be different and stand out, rather than following what everybody else is doing or what is trendy that moment,” Aimee Song, Song of Style.


For example, if you are plus-sized, you don’t have to run an hour a day on the treadmill so that you can fit into size zero and make other people happy.

You have to be very keen on what suits your fancy and what is a big no as per your sense of fashion. This is where true success lies. When people see you sporting a unique style, they will be in awe of your consistency and talent.

Personality matters:

Remember the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada?’ Not everyone in the fashion world is like Miranda Priestly. In today’s fashion blogging world, there is always room for some nice people who present facts as they are.

If someone is leaving harsh comments on your style posts, you don’t have to get down to their level to teach them a lesson. If you don’t understand this, your fashion blogging career will be in big trouble.

Take criticism as a milestone and be humble. You must know from the very start about your online persona. This is the way people expect to see you in person.

The advice to ‘be genuine’ sounds like the most cliched thing, but it still holds true. The genuine personality of a fashion blogger will bring color to any fashion shoot, blogger meet up or Instagram post.

Consistency is key:

Just like a newborn baby, a new blog is not ready to face the world yet. You have to put time and effort into the blog to take it to the next level. Blogging and SEO go hand in hand. You can either take help from someone or learn it yourself.

If you are consistent with your content, search engines will start picking your posts and showing them to relevant audiences. Sponsors approach you when they see that your posts perform well on search engines and your content is gaining traction.

Use social media to promote your posts and always add links to them on your social profiles. Successful fashion bloggers know that success does not come overnight. You have to maintain your persona and create amazing content until your posts start getting the recognition they deserve.

Be analytical:

Are you doing everything in the book but failing to see results? Maybe it is time to visit your blog’s analytics. Statistics on your blog are a surefire way to develop future strategies that hit the mark.

Study your blog’s stats to see where your readers come from, what do they feel about your content and how much time they spend on a post. Google Analytics should be your go-to tool because it is highly compatible with every site and provides real-time traffic insights about your site.

Analytics can teach you some very important things. For example, the elements people like about your blog, posts that did not receive decent traffic and why, and what was the most effective referral medium that brought readers to your blog. Successful bloggers refer to these stats frequently to turn their blog into a space that is loved by their audiences and is customized to suit their preferences.

Position yourself as an expert:

Surely, your fashion sense did not evolve in one day. You took years to develop a fine taste in fashion, and now you have the platform to talk about it! Position yourself as an opinion leader in this niche and start with your local audience.

The best way to receive good feedback is by approaching other bloggers in the niche for guest posts. Everyone likes some link juice to their blog, so people will accept your invitation to collaborate. Study your niche, make good content about it and use guest posting as a tool to establish yourself as an expert. Sponsorship deals will not land in your inbox in a day, but if you keep working on these elements, you should start getting leads soon enough.

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