As 2014 continues to unfold, Internet marketing strategists have grown feverish. The onset of new technological devices and online advertising techniques has caused the task of building one’s brand via the Internet to undergo a multitude of significant shifts.

While many might assume that blogging has remained relatively static as an online pursuit, nothing could be further from the truth. These days, business owners who are interested in increasing visibility and conversion through the maintenance of dynamic blogs know they must implement cutting-edge strategies in order to exceed the efforts of their competitors.

social media optimiztion for blogs

If you’re currently looking for great strategies to help your blog gain further online stature, the use of social media optimization (SMO) techniques can probably give you the boost you need. Here are three central SMO strategies you should be sure to employ.


Optimize your social media profiles

As Supple Solutions pointed out in its article ”How the 2014 Web Design Predictions Played Out”: “Few components of a company’s online presence-building and brand establishment are more important or impactful than the presence or absence of high quality website design.”

This principle holds true for the function of SMO as well. You need to think critically and strategically about the role that the aesthetic component of your social media profile plays in your Internet marketing campaign.

Ideally, the words and images you use to give shape and substance to your social media profile should be aesthetically appealing and relevant to the goods and services you promote.

Optimize your interactivity

2014 has witnessed a considerable amount of debate concerning the subject of Internet marketing. Although the issues are diverse, whether SMO will displace SEO as the primary technique for online advertising appears to be at the heart of the current discussions.

One of the reasons many marketing experts argue that SMO has gained greater stature than SEO relates to the fact that it’s a more effective medium through which business owners can connect with potential clients and form meaningful, long-standing relationships with them. In recognizing the great power that interacting with your clients can have on visibility and conversion rates, business owners who are interested in reaching a broad audience seek to optimize their interactivity.


This objective can be achieved through the implementation of intelligent strategies, such as periodically sending out questionnaires with probing, meaningful questions that give you a greater understanding of your target market’s preferences and taste.

Although the foregoing information doesn’t constitute an exhaustive list of SMO strategies that a business owner can adopt to strengthen the effectiveness of a company blog, it’s fairly certain that these two techniques will put you on the path to increased visibility and conversion rates.

Other SMO strategies you should consider implementing consist of sending “viral-worthy” tweets and hosting contests via Facebook in which the winner receives a promotional prize. If you follow these suggestions in a structured and systematic manner, your firm will likely increase brand awareness and push past the tipping point where it will earn your blog significant attention across the Internet, or at least in your industry.