Creating wordpress theme is not an easy job, it takes hours to convert your basic HTML template to wordpress theme and add the theme features. You need to be more professional and also need to provide backend options if you are planning to sell the wordpress theme you create. If you are looking for a free wordpress theme framework to create wordpress theme instantly then you should have a look at Runway wordpress theme framework which let you create fully featured wordpress theme with option page.

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Introduction to Runway WordPress Theme Framework

runway wordpress theme framework

Runway is a free wordpress theme framework to create wordpress theme, it makes the theme development faster as it comes with all the required theme features along with the drag and drop options page creator. With Runway you can give more priority for theme designing rather than roaming around the wordpress codex.

How Runaway is Different from Other WordPress Theme Frameworks

runway wordpress theme framework

Runway comes with its own dashboard to create new wordpress themes, it comes with extensions and add-ons to add more features to your wordpress theme. Most importantly Runway allows to generate framework independent wordpress theme so that you can distribute your theme without any frameworks dependencies.

Create Option Page for your WordPress Theme in Minutes with Runway

runway option page builder`

Creating the option page (theme settings page) is the most time taking job of wordpress theme development but Runway makes it easy. Runway comes with seamless drag and drop option page builder to easily create options for your new theme.

Runway is Open Source

Runway is open source and 100% free, the wordpress themes you create with runway framework can be distributed free or sold with your own branding.

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