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New Features of WordPress 3.7

WordPress has unveiled the beta version of WordPress 3.7 shortly after releasing the maintenance and security release of version 3.6. WordPress developer team has concentrated more on security rather than adding new features in WordPress 3.7. WordPress 3.7 release date is set likely on October 14th, till then wordpress developers can test their WordPress plugins

Web Design and Development Terms Every Blogger Should Know

As a blogger, you may not be interested in the nuts and bolts of web design and development, but you should understand the basics. Here are a few web design and development terms that you should know. User Experience The user experience refers to how your readers interpret and interact with your site. It includes

Here is the New WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate is the best wordpress plugin framework to initiate your wordpress plugin development and now it has become better with standardized and organized coding. WordPress plugin boilerplate mainland by Devin Vinson and 53 active contributors has now come up with its own website and is also looking to start a blog to share

A Walk Through Into the New Features of WordPress 4.3

WordPress 4.3 is almost ready and is on its way to give you more powerful features and flexibility to play with your WordPress website. WordPress developers have just released the 2nd beta version of WordPress 4.3 with more than 100 bug fixes. WordPress 4.3 brings up many new features and enhancements. Also read: WordPress Duplicator