Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages. For the moment, about one millions of websites are using PHP. The main advantages of this open-source web development platform are its low learning curve and numerous interactive features.

php frameworks

Just like any other web programming language, PHP offers developers several powerful frameworks that make web development quicker and more efficient. Websites built with PHP are characterized by a great level of protection from XSS attacks, SQL injection and other harmful programs.

Here are 5 best PHP Frameworks for Your Future Projects:

1. Laravel

According to the latest surveys, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework as of today. This young framework, which was released in 2012, has quickly won the recognition of web developers across the world. Laravel offers a number of beneficial features, like  Blade templating engine, support of migrations, simple authentication and a perfect routing. The latest version of this PHP framework is available as personal Composer packages.

2. CodeIgniter

This free PHP framework has a huge user community and comes with a superior documentation. CodeIgniter features rich built-in libraries, simple encryption and security processes, simple error handling and simplified installation.

3. Symfony

The main advantage of using Symfony for development is a great level of scalability and flexibility it features. This powerful and easy-to-use PHP framework is an excellent choice for MVC applications. Symfony comes with numerous reusable components. This framework requires writing less code and therefore makes web application development faster.

4. CakePHP

Developers choose CakePHP for its low learning curve, as well as quick and flexible templating it offers. It also features advanced consistency of conventions and session management and has all necessary components for a hassle-free database interaction. The latest version of CakePHP comes with an improved modularity that makes it easier to create  standalone libraries.

5. Phalcon

Phalcon is a real catch for developers, wishing to reduce development time. It is one of the fastest PHP frameworks. Being a high-performance framework, Palcon reduces the usage of resources, necessary for web application development and increases execution speed. With this powerful tool, developers are able to manage a greater number of requests per second.


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