The industrial use of linear actuators has grown tremendously, due to the rapid change in technology in the twentieth century. There are a lot of diverse applications in the industry as a whole for actuators. Green energy has played a significant role in modern day society by trying to reduce environmental hazards that are destroying the ozone layer hence increasing global warming. Linear actuators have played a significant role in the context of green energy some of the areas include:

Wind power: This is one of the environmental friendly means of providing energy both for industrial and home use. By the help of an Actuator known as K2X, that is integrated with medium sized Turbines and the combination of the technology known as blade pitch, optimal performance is achieved. One key advantage of the actuator is that there is minimal maintenance cost.

Solar Power: people prefer solar power energy as an alternative to home generators because the energy harnessed from the sun is free compared to the electricity that one has to pay. The SKF is an Actuator that works hand in hand with a solar system that helps to reduce solar power cost for the user. This form of green energy is very profitable and maintenance free hence large industries have bought into this method of power generation.

Hydropower: One will mostly find actuators in gas or steam turbines for example in a “Secfcon” Unit whereby there is the use of an electrohydraulic actuator that helps in increasing the dynamics and performance of the system. Some of the key advantages of actuators in hydropower systems is their ability to produce high-level efficiency power the other benefit of the PA actuator is that they have no external oil supply hence cost-efficient.

Wave power: There is potential for wave energy in the ocean, and Mother Nature has a way of expressing herself the ocean and the seas seem to be her favorite showcase avenue. Thanks to man’s genius ability and seeing things In a different way linear actuators have helped man in converting the oceans waves into a slow energy source. Due to the buoyancy found in water, the waves toss to and fro in sequence the purpose of actuators in a wave power plant is to convert this quiet energy into electric energy.

Tidal power: One may confuse the wave power and tidal power but the technology behind both of them is very different since when using tidal power the same technology used in helicopters is applied. Thanks to linear actuators present that provide the necessary movements of the blade hence electricity becomes created in low and high tides

Geothermal power: Linear or Rotary actuators play a fundamental role in this area due to the diverse applications used. Actuators present in the system are numerous and are found in areas such as fluid transfer, pump protection, steam control, etc. whose advantages lead to one common thing that is power consumption minimization. There is high reliability in the system due to the multiple functions of the actuators in the entire system that helps in the production of Electric power.

Drilling: Actuators have played a paramount role in this sector because in the speed in drilling has increased tremendously. The concept is integrating gas springs with Actuators to make high vibrations, especially in both Horizontal and Vertical wells the application comes in handy. When drilling this technology helps in removing static things from the well hence better efficiency is achieved.