Personal blogs are one thing, while company and corporate blogs are a very different concept. You’re probably more familiar with the personal blog variety, or even the typical news blog, but company blogs are extremely important as well, as they give a pathway for businesses to share information and relate to potential customers and clients.

tips on corporate blog marketing

Defining a Corporate Blog       

So how would you define a corporate blog? In general, it would just be a blog that directly related to the core message of a business. Consider the official Microsoft blog. That is a prime example of a well thought-out, official, and extremely popular corporate blog. And you know if there’s anything you want to know about Microsoft, you can go there on a daily basis to see what kind of news they are putting out. You can even subscribe to it, so links and news come to you automatically.

Marketing a Corporate Blog    

If you’re already in the corporate scheme, it might be best to hire a PR firm to help you out with details about corporate blog structure. There are so many different facets of participation, sharing, and spreading the right message, that a good PR firm can give you a tremendous amount of valid information in a way that no one else is going to be able to do for corporate blog marketing . This will allow you to concentrate more on the content of the blog itself, rather than how to spread its message around.

If you have worked with any kind of marketing firm before, you know that you often get what you pay for when it comes to this kind of professionalism, so if you have the money, spend it. Buy the most complete, expensive consultation that you can, and it will be entirely worth the time and money that go into it.

Analyzing Market Trends     

Analyzing market trends is going to be a big part of deciding what content to put on your corporate blog. Research survey methods to get some of this info, and then just put on your thinking cap for logical reasons to put up things like corporate events, new product releases, or anything else that a product or brand fan base would be interested to know about on a regular basis.

Using Transparency To Gain Trust    

Transparency is at the heart of corporate loyalty, so your corporate blog should have easy ways to contact company staff. In addition, if there’s any need for sourced information about where or how company products are being made, it’s much better to promote that information at an easily accessible place than it is to try to hide it if there’s something that you’re not sure people would understand or accept.