WordPress has unveiled the beta version of WordPress 3.7 shortly after releasing the maintenance and security release of version 3.6. WordPress developer team has concentrated more on security rather than adding new features in WordPress 3.7.

WordPress 3.7 release date is set likely on October 14th, till then wordpress developers can test their WordPress plugins and Themes on WordPress 3.7 beta to check if they are compatible and working fine with the new version. If you find any issue with your development in WordPress 3.7, you can submit it in wordpress Alpha/Beta forum.

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What Are the New Features of WordPress 3.7?

new features of wordpress 3.7

As we described earlier, WordPress developers have focused more upon securing the entire system instead of working with new features so we get few new features in WordPress 3.7 which also includes some new hooks for developers and improvements in search results. Here are the new features of WordPress 3.7

Automatic Core Updates

WordPress users can now say bye to manual updating as WordPress 3.7 has boasted with automatic updates, that mean it will automatically update the minor security releases as soon they will be available and user need not press a single button in admin panel. Remember this only works with minor releases but not with the major releases like WordPress 3.8. You can disable this feature if you don’t want the WordPress to update itself.

WordPress plugin and theme developers can now hook to auto_upgrade_plugin and auto_upgrade_theme filters to add auto update feature to wordpress plugins and themes they create.

Language Support

WordPress 3.7 comes up with the improved localization feature which automatically downloads the available translations if you are using WordPress in another language. It only applies to default themes that comes with WordPress installation.

Password Meter

Choosing an unbreakable password is an avid task for every wordpress user and the development team has successfully implemented it in the new WordPress 3.7. You get to see a new password meter in this new version which depicts how strong your password is, it forces to use more complex password comparing to password meters of older versions.

Better Search Results

Along with order by date wordpress search result is now capable to order by relevance. Articles which include search keywords will be displayed at the top in search results.

New Date Queries for Developers

WordPress 3.7 includes new date queries for developers which makes it easy to filter the posts of specific date range. Actually this feature was requested 2 years ago which made available in WordPress 3.7.

How to Install WordPress 3.7 Beta Release?

As usual you can install WordPress 3.7 beta release with WordPress beta tester plugin, it is recommended to test the beta release on a dummy wordpress installation. Here is the step by step guide to install WordPress 3.7 beta release-

  1. Login to your wordpress admin area
  2. Go to “Plugins >> Add New” and install WordPress beta tester plugin and activate it
  3. Now move to “Tools >> Beta Testing” and pick “bleeding edge nightlies”, save the setting
  4. Click on Updates menu from your admin area and finally click on “Update Now” button

That’s it, wordpress three seven beta will be installed in a few minutes!.