Everyone is aware by now that just having great content and a good idea does not make a successful blog. This is mostly because there are so many people fighting for the same space and attention span, that it’s hard to get noticed above the clatter and the clutter.

So, what are some ways that you can make your blog better through the smart use of marketing? Consider the following five tips in the categories of understanding what markets are in the first place, optimizing everything, advertising appropriately, analyzing metrics, and using video strategies.

blog marketing

Get Your Markets Straight

Knowing what the market is for blogs in the first place is going to be a primary step. And within that step, be especially sure to pay attention to digital markets and the idea behind them. There are both online and offline versions of this concept, so the deeper you look into the history and practical value of the idea, the more you’ll get out of it in terms of how it relates to your writing.


Learn To Optimize Everything

Most bloggers don’t completely understand how to optimize their writing. And it isn’t like you really have to change the essence of your content. It’s more about understanding placement, phrasing, and the algorithms that drive traffic to and from your site. So once your learn your optimization techniques, the marketing aspect will come that much more naturally into organic service and search engines will pick you up more easily.


Advertise Your Blog In Appropriate Social Circles

Social media is another gigantic part of blogging success. Good bloggers will always have a consistent framework that they post from, and even when they are not immediately popular at the beginning of their journey, they still make sure they have everything set correctly for when that time does come. Look up tips for social media blogging success, and you’ll see that there are thousands of people willing to share that information to you, as they’ve already done the hard work analyzing their own situations.


Learn To Analyze Your Metrics

After that, knowing how your metrics work is going to help with your marketing as well. If you know who visited your site, from where, and how long they stayed, you can start adjusting your content and even design work to match with that demographic.


Use Video To Your Advantage

Finally, you can use video methods to your advantage when it comes to blog marketing as well. Either start your own YouTube channel or talk to someone who has one, and you can start cross-pollinating your different types of circles in order to get more attention on several different fronts.


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