Worried about increased bounce rate on your site? Looking at your site’s user data, do you wonder how to make users stick around for longer? Well, after putting all the hard work, and efforts, it’s frustrating and annoying to see users navigate away from your site. Moreover, after spending a fortune on getting it designed and developed, who would like to see it happen?

However, there are several things on your WP sites that push your users away. Today, we are going to share some of the major turn offs of your WP sites that make users hate you.

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  1. Slow Loading Pages

Web users hate to wait. In fact, why do they need to wait when they so many options to choose from? Slow loading websites are one of the biggest turn offs. Not only do they frustrate your users but also encourage them to never back to your site. Nearly 50% of your users leave your site if it takes more than 5 seconds to load your site. It is a crucial hindrance in your online success.

Solution: The best solution for increase the loading speed of your WP site is to use caching. Since WordPress offers the option of installing plugins, you can use caching plugins to help you resolve your problem of slow loading pages.

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Best plugins to use: W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and WPMU Dev Rating


  1. Unresponsive Design Layout

The evolution of various devices has made it easy for users to access the internet from anywhere, at any time. 34% of the traffic of a site has been monitored from smartphones. Moreover, according to a latest Google update, even Google considers responsiveness as a major factor while ranking websites. Therefore, it becomes necessary to optimize your site for all screen sizes to help people access your site on different devices.

Solution: Make your site device-friendly by integrating responsive design layout. Instead of using generic WordPress themes, make use of responsive themes. There are hundreds and thousands of free as well as premium themes available online today.

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  1. Unexpected Redirects

How would you like if you click on a “read more” button and it rather redirects you to a contact page? Frustrating. Right? Similarly, your users hate it when you redirect them to your landing page when they want to read your content. You cannot force your users to sign up for a newsletter or make a purchase from your site.

Solution: Therefore, it is always a bright idea to redirect them to a relevant page and gain their trust. Moreover, use proper permalinks for better understanding. You can also make use of redirection plugins such as Redirection, and Simple 301 Redirects.

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  1. Partial “contact us” Information

Contact Us page is one of the most important pages of your website. Not only does it tell who you are but also give your users an opportunity to contact you anytime. Moreover, a contact us page builds trust in users that they are accessing the right information from the right source. However, a majority of webmasters do not add relevant information such as address, phone number or others details and simply add a contact form. As a matter of fact, this is usually one of the major reasons of increased bounced rate.

Solution: Always add relevant information and never skip a chance to introduce yourself on a contact us page. Also, you can use Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms to add a form below your information.


  1. Auto-play video or audio

Have you ever visited a site that automatically starts playing a video or audio the moment you open their website? Yes? Then you probably know how annoying that can be. Why would anyone want to do that anyway? No offense, but you need to understand that as long as your users do not request you to play a video or audio, it makes no sense of doing so. It scares your users. Trust me – it can!

Solution: Don’t add any audio in the background that starts playing automatically on opening the site. If you still need to do it, let your users know prior to playing it with a close button so that they can close it if they don’t like it.

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Wrapping up:

User-experience should be your utmost priority if you want to increase your sales and reduce your bounce rate. These are the most common problems that we usually encounter on sites today. You can also run a survey on your site to resolve certain user-experience errors.

Don’t let your efforts and money go down the drain.  

About the guest author:

Emily Johns is a web developer cum professional blogger. Currently, she is working with Wordsuccor Ltd.- WordPress Theme Development Company. She holds an impressive amount of expertise in major CMS platforms including Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. You can go through her write-ups for gathering a greater insight into the popular CMSs available today.