Regardless if you’re setting up a personal or business website, buying a domain name is a big deal. Your domain name says a lot about your website as a whole and can easily attract or turn away visitors before they even click on your site. Below are some pro tips you should use when buying domain names online.

pro tips for buying domains

Go for a .com Domain Suffix

Domain providers are doing everything they can to push domain name suffixes other than .com. This is because it’s still one of the most memorable and sought-after website suffixes available. Studies show that websites with .com suffixes outperform websites with the same names but different suffixes. This includes .net, .org and .tv. Overall, buying a domain with a suffix other than .com will likely lead to less traffic.

Don’t Hyphenate

Some people like to hyphenate their domain names because it makes it easier to read. While it does make it easier to read, it also turns people off from visiting your website. For visitors, typing in a domain that requires hyphens often seems like more trouble than it’s worth. It makes the name of your site seem more complicated than it is. Instead of naming your site, use something like The name flows more naturally and is easier for people to remember.

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Own Your Own Domain

This is usually only an issue if you hire a company to design and build your website. There is a strong chance that the company will register your domain under its name. This isn’t always done out of malicious intent but mostly occurs because of business procedures during the registration of domain names. If the company registers the domain under its name, the domain isn’t yours. It may give you the rights to use it, but if ownership issues ever arise later on, the company will be on the winning side of the argument.

Always Use Discounts and Promo Codes

Buying a domain name without using a promo or discount code is just like throwing money away. Nearly all domain providers offer discounts on their packages. Doing a simple Google search is likely to bring up coupons and discounts they aren’t promoting on their websites. If they can get you to buy their services at full price, they will do that first. You can often buy domain names for more than half off using discount codes.

By using these tips, you can choose a domain name with confidence. Remember to select a domain name that fits your website and is easy to remember. Avoid choosing a domain name based solely on keywords. Sometimes website owners get so caught up in fitting keywords into their names that they lose focus on if it’s a good name or not. Having keywords in your domain name is important, but the name needs to convey much more to potential visitors.