Using images is the new way to conquer online marketing. Not only do these images on instagram place a face to your brand, they also ensure that you rank high in search engines due to visibility. Any marketer who looks for visibility online will be sure to use social media as a tool to market their brand and increase visibility.

The visibility of a site online helps in ensuring that there is business growth. Therefore, it is essential for marketers to realize instagram’s value in their search for greater market. Instagram does increase ranking in search engines and is essential in providing images that give the marketers brand a face. Therefore, it is imperative to use social media and the various tools in order to ensure that you rank even higher on search engines.

instagram seo tips

How instagram improves your search ranking

There are over 55 million photographs shared each day thanks to instagram. This shows just how much people love this social media tool. It is imperative to consider your marketing campaigns and the images you choose to share as part of your search engine optimization. It will definitely boost the visibility of your business online and improve your ranking in search engines.

Complete your profile brand on instagram

It is important for you to use instagram just as you do other social media platforms in order to improve you website visibility. Take advantage of the profile section by including an image that makes your brand known. Most people discover site through social media channels. It is rare for one to just type in the domain name of your site. This means that using instagram will ensure your site has the type of visibility that you cannot get by having a stand-alone website. It is great to integrate social media in marketing campaigns. When you share your instagram posts, you are assured of instant visibility for your business website.  When you get likes on the images shared from instagram, you will receive some audience to your site. People tend to be curious when they realize that a site has something interesting to offer.

Use hashtags to your advantage

Use of hashtags as well as keywords that show relevance to your brand is an easy way to ensure people find your photos and increase engagement to  your site. On an article about optimization of images for instagram, Shelly alluded to the fact that use of hashtags for instagram photos was imperative. Here is how hashtags are used to increase your popularity on instagram.

  • Using hashtags that portray some relevance to your brand
  • Creating custom hashtags that you can track, promote and organize as you use instagram
  • Do not use too many hashtags as they may dilute the message that your brand intends to portray. In addition, they may annoy your intended audience
  • Ensure you know the trending and popular hashtags found on instagram and have received more likes and comments. These tags can directly influence the search ranking for your site.


Linking twitter and facebook profiles on instagram

Linking you facebook, as well as your twitter accounts is necessary in improving your visibility online. This way, photos shared on instagram are visible in the other social media platforms. Once you share on twitter, the image is automatically posted on other platforms that you have linked your instagram account. In addition, you can use to help in boosting your rank on instagram and make your photos stand out.

Add a hashtag to the title in order to boost image discoverability. Once this is done, the text that you place will appear along with the image. Once you are begin sharing on instagram, your content will be visible on social media, which is what people tend to use today in place of search engines.

Tell the story of your brand using images

You can use instagram to tell a story about your brand. Images are a good way to gain the attention of your clients. Therefore, when you are thinking of an online marketing campaign for your brand, select the images carefully in order to ensure that you gunner the attention you seek from present and potential client. Once you select the right images, you will realize that you are gaining the required attention from prospective clientele.

In your creativity, you can choose to share both videos and photos. Choose photos that are relevant to your brand and interesting to your clients at the same time.

Embed instagram photos and videos to your website

You can add engagement triggers, which will help, boost your seo. For instance, if you once hosted a contest, you can use photos from the contest in order to add to the story of your brand. Ensure you embed these links to your website in order to increase your brand popularity. Most people love to know the background and rise of a brand and how it came to be what it is. Ensure you showcase these using instagram and link it to all the social media sites available to you. The more likes and shares your pictures get, the more your brands popularity increases. Essentially, the process is not difficult.

In order to embed a code for a photo or video on instagram, all you need to do is visit the post,

  • Go to (include your user name)
  • Click on the said post in order to expand it,
  • Click on the bottom right corner in order to select embed
  • Ensure you copy the code that you have embedded in order that it appear and ensure you paste the code to your website’s HTML.

Finally, it is imperative that you are resourceful and creative in order to increase the impact of your brand as well as increase discoverability of your brand. You can increase awareness of your brand very easily using instagram. Therefore, log in or register on instagram and begin increase of your brand’s awareness.