In the year 2015 over 34 percent of the people across the world were using email. That accounted for almost 2.5 billion people and it was then forecasted to shoot up to 2.8 billion people over the next couple of years. It is believed that currently around 100 billion business emails are being sent daily and it is expected that the business email accounts would be rising to around 4.9 billion by the year 2017. Undoubtedly, email marketing is the most vibrant and robust way of connecting with people. The email is the most effective mode of communication with potential customers for several businesses today. It allows detailed, clear and concise conversations.

Effective Email Marketing for Engaging

Email marketing is regarded as the most effective and a truly personal way of reaching and interacting with your target audience. This is primarily the reason why email marketing is productive if it is personalized. Email could effectively be customized to customer actions in order to make every communication relevant to their individual interest. If statistics were to be believed, about 73 percent marketers admit that email marketing is an integral part of their business’s marketing strategy and that it is about 40 times more efficient and effective than any social media platform for lead generation. You could try out bulk email marketing services in Mumbai for ultimate business success.

Make the Most of the Emails for B2B Marketing

Make sure that your business is capitalizing on email marketing for engaging the potential target audience. Emails boast longer lifespan than social posts. This implies that there is certainly much more time in hand for various businesses for leveraging successfully on completing a sale or effectively closing a deal. In reality, email marketing still continues to be the number one channel in terms of ROI (Return on Investment). Around 60 percent of businesses rate email marketing as excellent or good and with many companies attributing 23 percent of the total sales to email. Here are some effective B2B email marketing instances for guaranteed business success.

Use Curated E-Mail Content Effectively

Your prospective customers would be providing you their contact details specifically because they are expecting you to offer them value. The customer is forever interested to know what he is going to get out of the deal and it is certainly up to you for effectively catering to them and delivering their expectations. You could achieve this effectively by using curated email content which is based on precisely the area of expertise or industry.

Activation Is the Key

With time, you would be coming up with a list comprising both active, as well as, inactive profiles. This is a wonderful opportunity for reaching out to all those clients who have not been logging in or using your software or site for quite some time. Send a clear-cut but simple activation email, concentrating chiefly on the advantages of installing your product.

You could attract the attention of these clients by using an automated email process. You could consider encouraging them to log in and make sure that you are offering them some sort of an incentive to do so. You could easily lure customers to come back to your site by assuring new functionality or maybe providing current industry statistics in support of your services or product.

Make Announcements

Email is the non-disruptive and the most cost-effective way of coming up with targeted announcements to everyone in your contact list. Keep making announcements. Did your business win an award recently? Or have you actually updated your site? Did you just launch a new product? Go ahead and spill the news to everyone in your contact list. Announcement emails seem to be pretty effective in reviving the interest and loyalty of previous clients and drawing the attention of the present and future clients as well.

White Paper Is in Demand

Remember your customers are looking for high-quality and high-value content only. White papers are the most effective way of sharing valuable longer-form content whether comprehensive how-to guides or research-led understandings or proven methods and stratagem for tackling precise business challenges. However, generating a white paper involves a longer period of time and certainly more in-depth and longer research process but there is a much greater possibility of achieving a positive response. After putting in your concerted efforts in generating a white paper, you could easily boost readership by simply sending an email to each one in your contact list with a free download link.

Campaign, Events & Webinars

Boost your campaign-oriented marketing activities with email. You must be effective in the planning and timely delivery of content straightaway to the inbox of your audience. Campaign emails would not only drive traffic or action, it would help you achieve new clients by offering free gifts for cementing the bond with your audience.

You could inform and invite your clients to an upcoming event by using an email. Use a really catchy subject line for grabbing the attention of your clients and ensuring that they read the email. Share some information, as well as, snippets with your target audience.

Webinars are known to be a brilliant way of showcasing your thought-leadership and initiate dialogue with prospective clients.

Case Study Is Vital

You could use a case study to demonstrate clearly to your prospective client how your product or services could be beneficial to their business. Simply email the case study to everyone in your contact list and see the magic happen.

Entice with a Trial/Demo

Everyone is looking for something that comes free. Draw the attention of your prospective clients by sending an email that promises a free product demo or trial.


The key role of email in B2B marketing is quite evident. It is pretty clear that email is the most cost-effective channel for business to business marketing. Emails supported by industry statistics and professional opinion helps businesses in gaining higher ROIs by boosting lead generation, providing opportunities and customer retention. Email is still considered to be the workhorse of business to business marketing, resulting in conversions. It is effective in adding definite value across the client lifecycle.