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How to Maximize SEO Efforts Using Instagram

Using images is the new way to conquer online marketing. Not only do these images on instagram place a face to your brand, they also ensure that you rank high in search engines due to visibility. Any marketer who looks for visibility online will be sure to use social media as a tool to market

How to Hide Bots and Spamy Referral Data in Google Analytics

If you are using Google Analytics, you probably want to know how much of your traffic is from real human beings. With Google Analytics, this is not always clear. In fact, about 56 percent of all traffic on a typical website is bot traffic. In the past, bots could not process JavaScript. Google Analytics uses

5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid on Your ‘About’ Page

Creating an SEO friendly ‘About’ page is quite simple and straightforward. However, do keep it in mind that it’s not too difficult to screw up even the simplest of things. A little negligence, a slight slip-up or a missing element has the potential to derail your SEO campaign. If you would like to improve the

What is Google Panda Penalty and How to avoid that?

The Google Panda Penalty is an algorithmic filter that ranks Google search results, in order to target the WebPages that have low-quality or duplicate content. Looking at the Google traffic allows website owners to understand whether the low traffic flow results from the Google Panda penalty or other penalties. Google Analytics is then necessary to

Easiest Way to Track Keyword Position in Google Search Result

Tracking keyword ranking is an important segment of search engine optimization which helps to know keywords position of your blog as well as your competitors. Many bloggers use Traffic Travis, Cute rank, SEO SERP Workbench and some other paid tools to track keyword position, if you are one of those then you should check out

10 Alternatives to Adwords Keyword Tool to Find out Keyword Ideas

Google has recently replaced Adwords keyword tool with keyword planner which disappointed many of the bloggers and SEO experts, most of the keyword researchers found keyword planner tool inconvenient to search for keyword ideas. Google says that it has encapsulated both Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator tool in Keyword Planner but according to many geeks

How to Check if the Blog Comment is Dofollow or Nofollow?

Link building is the major segment of blogging which should be done along with generating the quality content to your blog. One of the best ways of link building is to comment on dofollow blogs which transfers page rank to your blog. Before continuing to our main topic about checking dofollow blog, let me explain a

Top 5 Google Page Rank Prediction Tools

Google Page Rank is an important factor that helps you measure your blog’s success rate. Usually a well-established blog gets 3-5 page rank, leading blogs such as Mashable and TechCrunch have got PR8 for now. The highest number of page rank is 10. Google can also downgrade the page rank if it finds plagiarism or