Tumblr is one of the famous blogging platforms where you can post your thoughts, images, favorite videos from YouTube or PC, audio clips, meaningful quotes etc. But what if you want import your Tumblr blog posts to your WordPress blog? Here comes a free wordpress plugin that let you easily import Tumblr posts, drafts as well as pages to your WordPress blog.

Key Features of Tumblr Importer wordpress plugin

tumblr importer

Tumblr Importer is a free wordpress plugin developed by the group of authors that can fetch the posts from Tumblog. Here are some great features of Tumblr Importer wordpress plugin.

  • Tumblr importer wordpress plugin silently imports your tumblr blog posts in the background
  • It makes sure that the post it is importing from Tumblr is already exist in your WordPress blog or not to avoid duplicates
  • This plugin is capable to import your Tumblr posts, drafts, tags as well as pages
  • It imports media incorporated in your Tumblr post including images, audio and video

Once installed, go to “import” under tools menu to make use of this importer plugin and here you can start importing your Tumblr posts.

Requirements for Tumblr Importer wordpress plugin

Tumblr importer wordpress plugin requires WordPress 3.2 or higher and it supports the most recent version of WordPress i.e 3.6. The plugin has got 4.3 stars and has been downloaded by more than 1 lakh users so far.

Where to download this plugin?

You can download the Tumblr Importer plugin from the official wordpress plugin directory. Check it out here.