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3 Ways to Add Inspiration to Your Blog

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If you are an aficionado of the blogosphere, you realize the need to draw readers into your online world. But this can’t simply be done with just providing endless information; they could go to the encyclopedia for that. As a blogger, you must find ways of giving people inspiration and ideas. They must feel that they are making changes in the world, or at least feel an overwhelming desire to try making that chocolate souffle. Included here are a few ways to give inspiration to your readers.

blogging tips

Motivational Stories

Recently, the internet was overtaken with the beauty of a 100 year old woman witnessing the ocean for the first time. This is the kind of story that wrings the heart strings of the old and young alike. Now, obviously, this is not the exact story you have to use to draw readers into your blog, but what you will need are ways to show people doing things for the first time and succeeding! This creates an inspired and motivated group of readers who are pushing toward their next success and eager to show their results with the blogger and other readers alike.

Inspiring Ideas

Sometimes, you see that Julia Child recipe and you think to yourself, “totally do-able” and put it up in a blog about how you have changed your life mission and you are going to become a connoisseur of French cooking. While this may be a bit of overkill initially, it is one way to go. Good places to start, however, would be things along the lines of: easier ways to photograph children, how to make dinner with less than $10, and how to get your house to stop smelling like garlic. These are reasonable, everyday inspiring ideas that you can give to your readers on a regular basis. It may be a better idea to save the Julia Child inspired French cooking for a monthly blog or once yearly blowout.

Funny Anecdotes on Mistakes Made

Now, we all love that “beginner’s luck” feeling. Having the ability to pick up a craft and outshine a master of the skill is overwhelmingly inspirational. However, life does not always happen with such sunshine and roses. This is when we revel in the hilarity of the “gone-wrong.” Everyone loves a good motivational story, but no one wants to feel like perfection is unattainable due to the elusive success on your first try. By showing that mistakes are real and failure is an option, you can become a more relatable character to your readers. Whatever your area of interest, expose the faults and failures as well as the successes. Show your fallen souffle, your blown budget, even the Pinterest project gone wrong, which is never supposed to happen, right? Share the bad, and be human for the rest of the world.




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