Many times, bloggers use their virtual writing space in order to spread information about external events. This could be anything from news, to product reviews, to event reviews, to simple observations. However, another possible avenue to go through would be as a kind of self-help or therapeutic voyage. People have always been able to write in private journals to sort their minds out, but being able to blog publically now allows individuals to release their thoughts and ideas out into the open. This openness can potentially help their own sense of self, and if anyone reading is going through similar issues, these writings can be a great source of help and inspiration for others.

blog to help others

Addiction Issues

Addiction in all different forms can very easily be written about in a personal blog. As new information is presented about the science of addiction, the topic is understood much more than before, and there is far less shame and stigma attached to the idea of addictive behaviors. As a blogger, you can potentially choose to write about your journey through the addictive process. This may help you organize your thoughts on the matter, and can also show other people who are struggling with the same thing that there is a way they can get through the process.

Relationship Issues       

Everyone has relationships, which means everyone has relationship issues. These can be family matters, spousal matters, job matters, hobby matters, or just environmental matters. If you choose to write a blog about the relationships in your life, it may even out your perspective over time about the goods and the bads that you go through. Because you’re putting this out there for public consumption, there’s a good chance that when people stumble across it, they’ll appreciate the fact that they aren’t the only ones struggling as well. Consider that a vast majority of television programs center around relationship struggles, and you’ll be comfortable with the fact that a blog can center around them too.

Health Issues

Do you have a health problem? Chances are a ton of other people have that health problem as well. By blogging about it, you’re not only organizing your own thoughts, you’re also giving other people who are dealing with similar situations a sense of order in their own lives. Even though it may be painful going through and writing about the frustrations of dealing with medicine and surgery, or dietary restrictions and painful exercises, in the end, it may be a better way to deal with the pain by writing about it, rather than just internalizing all of those facts. You might even be able to get good advice from professionals who deal with health issues as well. Support all around for people willing to put themselves out there!