Every blogger’s dream is to make a living, well, blogging. But especially in the early stages, this seems impossible, and then with that feeling of impossibility comes a feeling of vagueness. You question yourself and your writing, wondering why it is that you can’t communicate what you’re trying to get across …

How to Stay on Target With Blogging Goals

Chances are, if you’re feeling that way, you’ve lost your target somewhere in the midst of trying to get those mystical readers to continue coming back to you. However, there is hope for your blogging career, and it mostly lies in the idea that you need methods, tips, and techniques to stay on target. Here are five quick pieces of advice.

Professional Time Trackers Are Invaluable

In terms of scope and scale, very few things in the modern world can be as helpful to today’s bloggers than some type of time tracker. And with recent improvements in streaming technology and GPS accuracy, new time-tracking systems can be used on a personal level and a company level to figure out what you’re working on, when, and where. And knowing those things as you try to remain focused on your goals of writing effectively, is absolutely going to give you a competitive advantage in the writing world.

Don’t Lose Focus

Focusing on what you’re writing about, and how you’re marketing that writing, can be very hard, especially in today’s attention-deficit world where 10 seconds is about all you get to remember what your name is and what you’re writing about. Practice focus techniques, breathe, and get to writing. Even if it’s bad copy, writing all the time is necessary for your eventual blogging success.

Avoid Reading the Comments

This may seem a bit counterintuitive, but if you don’t read the comments underneath the things your write, you may be better off in keeping toward your main blogging and marketing goals. Because you can’t keep everyone happy all the time, simply avoiding the negative comments will allow you to work toward your goal undistracted.

Follow the Steps of Other Successful Blogs

There’s nothing wrong with copying the format of other successful blogging adventures, as long as you don’t copy the content. Everyone copies parts of each other as far as presentation goes, and if you can gain ground and save time by doing that, feel free to go for it.

Be Flexible About Content, Not About Time Spent

Another recipe for blogging success is to be flexible about what you right about, but not flexible about how much time you spend writing. It goes back to that time tracking idea, where awareness of how much effort you’re putting into something is going to be the ultimately consequence of successfully appropriating the right attitude.