As a college student, you may be tempted to do some writing about your experience in the form of a blog. Though almost everyone has a Facebook account that they’re active on across the spectrum, having a blog will be a bit more detailed and organized, and you can ultimately make a bit of money off it as well, either through advertising or through opportunity.

In any case, there are a few things you should remember about writing about your college experience, and some of the can be summed up in the five following categories.

Be Aware of How Landlords View You

There can be a certain tension between landlords and college renters, so especially when writing about house parties or events that take place on rented property, if you read about how landlords perceive college students, you might take a bit of a more respectful literary stance on the matter. Also, because parents are often involved in that equation, be sure to consider them as part of your audience as well.

Remember That Pictures and Stories Can Be Permanent

In the current environment of social media sharing, it’s important you understand, as a blogger, that everything you post is essentially fair game forever. Deleting things you’ve written or posted later doesn’t mean that someone else hasn’t saved them or taken a screenshot. It’s very important to be responsible about what you post at all times.


Think Professional Rather Than High School

College is the place to transition between high school and the professional world. In your blog, it’s important that you write more toward the expectations of the latter, as, to a degree, you’re trying to prove that you’re advancing as an individual, even in your creative expressions. Drop old techniques you used when you were younger, and find new ones that present your imagery in a new and profound way to get the most out of your college blogging experience.

Research Other Popular College Blogs

If you’re not sure what direction your content is headed, check out popular college blogs that you can borrow tips, techniques, or formatting concepts from. Make sure not to plagiarize or completely steal elements from them, but use what works for you as a skeleton of your new concept.

See What’s In the Local Newspapers

The local college newspaper is a good place to look for information as well. Chances are it will be written a bit more journalistically, but you can scan the information for events that are going on in the community, and also get a general idea about the vibe of local restaurants, shops, or residents. If your writing is good enough, you might even be able to submit some of your stories to the paper!