There’s almost no answer that can’t be found by a simple Internet search these days so it’s no wonder that people now also turn here for medical advice. The pitfall is, of course, that it’s not necessarily guaranteed that information is coming from a credible source, but that can be avoided by hitting up sites and according to Matthew Herper of Forbes, blogs run by medical professionals. As busy as they are there are still plenty of doctors and medical professionals who have found the time to share their knowledge, give advice on staying healthy, and more. Medical blogs can be wonderful sources of information and entertainment, whether the reader is a doctor, medical student, or just generally interested in medical topics.

Kevin MD

KevinMD is a consistent favorite in terms of top medical blogs. It’s a good overall look at the healthcare system and a treasure trove of information on a variety of topics from ER crowding to unnecessary tests and advice on getting into medical school. This blog is written in layman’s terms so there’s no need for a medical degree to understand what’s going on. The site is updated regularly so there’s always something new to read.

Emergency Medicine Cases

This blog is dedicated to all things emergency medicine. It’s unique in that the blog posts are multimedia entries formatted as either TV or Radio series episodes. The blog takes followers through a number of emergency cases and since episodes are available for download this is a good blog to take with on the go.

Body in Mind

Recently there has been a surge of interest in natural and alternative medicine and healing remedies. That’s where the Body In Mind blog comes in. According to the Allied Health Institute, it’s a great place for advice on things like foods proven as natural healers, multidisciplinary rehabilitation, and so on. The blog is maintained by medical professionals and offers legitimate advice for a more holistic approach to health.

Bad Medicine

This blog is styled around sometimes dubious and lunatic developments in the medical universe. It takes a look at the science, of course, but also shows the human and social sides that effect medicine in today’s world. The site is U.K.-based and is full of the British humor and cynicism, unforgivably poking fun, while remaining informative and thought-provoking.

Other Things Amanzi

One of the best blogs run by a doctor on the Internet, according to medical journalist Larry Husten, is ‘other things amanzi’ which is maintained by a general surgeon from South Africa. The doctor, who goes by the name of Bongi, gives a unique look at both the private and state sector of working in this country as well as his personal thoughts on surgery.

Rogue Medic

It’s not just doctors who have interesting opinions and expertise on the medical world. Rogue Medic is run by several nurses who give their thoughts on the happenings of the medical world and share their own unique work experience stories.

Mom MD: Connecting Women in Medicine

This blog makes its niche by primarily focusing on women, though it makes a good read for anyone. There’s plenty of information for pre-med and medical students as well as other cool features like job listings for physicians and nurses. Students and physicians can also contribute and interact through the forum section.