Bitcoin tumbler also referred to as bitcoin mixer or Bitcoin Laundering. Bitcoin tumbler is a way of using a service of a third party to cut the connection between the bitcoin address sent to and the address of sending coins. However, the question remains; what’s the best bitcoin tumbler and whether it’s actually necessary.

bitcoin tumbler

Importance of Bitcoin Tumbler

Bitcoin tumbler practically anonymous with an extremely low fee, quick confirmation of the transaction, and you don’t have trust a single corporation or person. However, it is an awesomeness that comes at a cost. For instance, individuals with full blockchain copy, which is available freely, can look at the history of everyone’s transaction.

Bitcoin Mixer helps to disconnect any bitcoin purchased from user’s identity. If you send a bitcoin to the bitcoin mixer service, they will take a free small mixing. And after a random delay, they will send an equivalent quantity bitcoin of other people to a new dress. In other terms, bitcoin mixing service takes the cash and offers a new cash a secret identity so as it remains confidential.

Best Bitcoin Mixer Services

Currently, bitcoin shufflers consist of different types. Thus, the users should take several factors into consideration before choosing a tumbler. Firstly, the common factor is the common factor that is being used and the source of the funds.

The Bitcoin Blender Mixers

Another easiest and oldest way to use bitcoin out there is by bitcoin blender. It has been in existence for many years and likely it is among the popular mixer for a dark web, including others. Bitcoin blender was initiated for the very first time in 2014 by a software developer and unknown bitcoin enthusiast.

CryptoMixer Bitcoin Tumbler service

Another simple and trustworthy bitcoin tumbler is CryptoMixer. The main difference of this product from other platform is that it is able to accommodate a huge volume of transaction. There is no limit of a maximum transaction as such depending on their huge reserve and you will have to be a millionaire before you run out of funds, and if it involves a limit, you will be notified during its process before making the payments.

Bitcoin Fog Mixing/Tumbling service

Bitcoin Fog is known as Bitcoin tumbling and mixing services that cover up the truck in the bitcoin market. The bitcoin fog outlines a direct procedure for mixing the users coins. The user supposed to make a deposit. Currently, bitcoin fog supports a limited withdrawal of 0.03500000 BTC. Hence, a user is required to deposit an amount over 0.03500000 BTC plus a free. Otherwise, the user will not be allowed to withdraw.


Whichever bitcoin tumbler can perfectly work effectively and secretly. Thus, it is Important that they should be trusted. There is no government or an authority can report in case they disappear with your bitcoin. Therefore, if want your privacy or to protect your bitcoin from government tracing or tracking, bitcoin mixer is the perfect option. However, you should remember that it is not easy to find free a free bitcoin tumbler since all charge a little fee between 0.5 to 3%.