Did you know that about 60% of qualified leads fail to convert because the buyer is unable to find value in purchasing the new product he showed some interest in? According to research by Forrester, approximately one million B2B sales pro will lose their jobs by 2020. Around 40% of sales representatives also find looking for potential clients the most challenging part of their job followed by closing the deal.

Simply put, the odds of landing success are not so high. In fact, experts claim that the sale’s biggest competitor is not a rival company, but the sales quota itself.

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The sales pitch – a critical element

At the first meeting with the client, the sales rep often finds it their only chance to close the deal.  If they say “no”, about 44% of salesperson give up and move on to another prospect. However, did you know that an average sale requires five or more follow-up calls to convert?

Unfortunately, time is luxury that most salespeople with exaggerated revenue targets cannot afford. To secure your new account within the first meeting, the sales rep should ensure a perfect pitch for the specific client.

Here we list some tips that will help you become a better salesperson and create a sales pitch that instantly converts.

Focus on how you say it


When crafting a pitch, a salesperson often concentrates more on closing the deal rather than focusing on their words and body language. According to an analysis by Gong, there is a clear connection between the number of questions and vocabulary used by the rep and their chances of success. For example, the same survey discovered that using inspiring words such as “certainly”, “definitely”, and “absolutely” lead to better performance when compared to words like, “show you how”, “discount”, and “competitor”.

Additionally, research by Hub Spot encourages sales rep to focus more on creating a better sales experience for the prospects by providing them with relevant information (61%), listening to their needs (69%), and avoiding to be too assertive (61%).

Thus, when delivering a pitch, make sure your body language, tonality, and vocabulary make people want to listen. Practice your vocal pitch in front of a mirror, with colleagues or friends. Do what works best to create a lasting impression on your sales lead.

Never forget the power of social media

social media sales pitch


Undoubtedly, social media is a powerful medium. Today, there are more than 2.6 million social media users in the world while Statista estimates that the numbers will increase up to 3 million in the next two years.

Organizations are also in agreement with the unlimited benefits that social media has to offer. In a survey conducted in 2012, 79% of sales reps are more likely to find success by using social media than those who do not. In fact, four in ten salespeople recently closed 2 to 5 leads directly, all thanks to the influence of social media.

Through social media, companies can generate new leads and nurture existing ones by demonstrating how their brand can be helpful to the customers and make their lives more meaningful. Social media can also facilitate the sales team to interact with their customers and prospects conveniently and regularly, listen to their feedback, and answer their queries promptly – hence creating a positive experience for both the parties.

Email Marketing is never old-fashioned

Email Marketing

Surprisingly, email marketing is the third most influential source of information for customers. In fact, the medium is preferred by 86% of B2B professionals while 59% of business owners admit it to be their most critical revenue-generating platform.

However, similar to the vocal sales pitch, an email pitch should also stand out from the others. According to Hub Spot, an average B2B buyer receives approximately 100 emails per day, out of which he opens only 23%. Unfortunately, the click-through rate of these emails falls just around 2%, meaning that there is more chance of your email going unnoticed.

Therefore, to create an email that does not go in the trash bin like several others, make sure you:

  •    Plan out your email marketing strategy
  •    Create a personalized subject line
  •    Segment the list to the relevant contacts
  •    Include a call-to-action button in the closing
  •    Add a professional email signature

Moreover, using CRM tools such as Salesmate and Pipedrive can also help you analyze your email marketing strategy and click-through rates.

Go with referrals

referral marketing

One of the best ways to convince someone to use your product or service is to get a referral from a trusted friend or adviser. According to statistics, nine in ten purchase decisions are based on references, while 92% of buyers believe recommendations from people they know.

A sales rep usually asks for referrals during the sales process; and although many consumers are hesitant about providing contact information of others, it has been established that 83% of the consumers would be happy to give a referral after having a positive experience with a specific company.

Use classroom training

training for sales pitch

According to data, three in four organizations use classroom training as their primary mode to train the sales team. Sales organizations that excel in their industry are also more likely to provide an on-going training to enhance the skills of their team.

Since only one in four salesperson majors in the subject of selling, it is critical that the companies invest in their representatives by providing them with classroom training, materials, and resources to excel. By offering them the necessary elements, the sales rep will become more adept in their field and bring in more opportunities for the company.

Use different tools

Contrary to the belief, a successful sales pitch requires various tools to convert. Today, the sales are not limited to direct selling or prospecting on phone calls. CRM, social trading, emails, and data services go hand in hand to make the sales a success.

Follow the tips mentioned above, and rest assured you will able you to craft a successful sales pitch that converts better opportunities for your idea, product, or service.

As Seth Godin, the notable American author said, marketing is a contest for people’s attention. So, continue your efforts with determination and success will eventually follow.

About the Author:

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