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Quick Cash Can be Found in Many Ways

blogging quick cash making tips

No matter what our financial situation, we are always on the lookout for ways to make a bit of extra cash.

One of the best ways is sitting right in front of you. We all have stuff around the house that we know we don’t use but simply can’t bring ourselves to get rid of. In an organized manner, start to sort out the items you know you won’t use. Bag the that baby bouncer that was last used 10 years ago, then dump most of the items sitting in dresser drawers that have been outgrown long ago. Select the articles in good condition for future sales and box them separately from the ones heading for charities.

blogging quick cash making tips
Now check the room for toys and other items that are no longer in use but have maintained their value. Fischer-Price toys keep for years; Hasbro games are still popular. Choose what looks worthwhile to you and set them aside.

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Be resolved to rid yourself of things you don’t need. Are 5 glass vases necessary? Maybe just the crystal one is valuable. The painting in the hallway that was purchased three years at the art fair no longer matches your dining room chairs which you had reupholstered a year ago. It might look great on someone else’s wall.
Years ago, we would set out a few tables, announce a ‘garage sale’ and sell all this stuff to neighbors and passers-by. Today, we can use e-bay and local email lists to attract buyers. Just set up an account and wait for the money to come in.

For both the young and the old, there are still some conventional methods of making money. Years ago, young boys used to walk around the local baseball bleachers selling hot dogs. And despite the introduction of vending machines, there are still ambitious people who continue to do just that. Add bags of popcorn and cans of coke and you can make a tidy sum from one day at the baseball game.

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If you are looking for some quick money, you don’t have to search far. There is money hidden in all parts of your house. Those coins that we put in our pocket as small change end up at the bottom of our washing machines and in the filter of our dryers. You may find some clean dollar bills there are as well. Coins have a way of falling on the sides of couches and easy chairs and in cars under the front seat, in the armrest and beneath that bunch of tissues in the coin container. All this loose change might not amount to a fortune but some estimates indicate that the average household in the States contains up to $100 in lost coins, which is really no small change at all.


Playing adult games was popular way long before the mobile phone came on the scene and betting on games continues to be one way to earn a bit of extra cash. Ever heard of Mah Jong? It was started by a group of women in Japan many years ago and is still played religiously all over the world. There is even an American version. The game consists of ivory tiles of 4 different suits and the winner is the one who sets out a hand that was chosen from a card with a choice of different plays. Four people are pitted against each other and a fifth person bets on the winner according to the hands she is able to view. Over the years, betting for this game was outlawed in Japan but women world-wide still bet on the outcome of their weekly games.

Bridge is a very old game introduced in China and it almost always involves some sort of betting. Depending on the people playing, the betting can be quite hefty. Bridge competitions are now held throughout the world and on cruises specifically for these tournaments.

There are other card games such as poker where betting is considered outright gambling. Indeed, there is a fine line between betting and gambling but in either case, you can make some serious money very quickly.

Selling airline points is another way to make money. Many airlines set a limit on the time you can use the points you earn on a flight and most people don’t get around to using them. With Facebook and other social media, it is easy enough to sell them online before they expire.

If you need a large sum of money and have some time to wait, speak to your insurance agent or your financial advisor to see if there are any funds available in your policies or accounts. Money often accumulates in excess dividends or interest which is transferred to our accounts without our being informed.

While in the realm of finance, there are some trading and investing instruments that offer a quick way to make a buck. Currency trading is one of these and it is quite easy to open an online Forex trading account. Profits are not guaranteed, of course, and there is a risk involved. But for a small sum of money, taking a chance may just lead to some winnings. There are mobile apps that can provide instruction, analysis and trading tips and these are worth downloading onto your mobile device. The Daily Forex Mobile app has become a popular source of news and analysis and the expert team sends out trading signals to all its registered members.
So if you need some quick cash, you don’t have to look beyond your own home and your own devices.



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