We are happy to announce that we have launched the Elegant Subscription Popup plugin for wordpress which helps you bring new feedburner subscribers to your blog. You can give a try to Elegant subscription popup plugin if you are searching for a new way to get feedburner subscribers. Read below to know more about this plugin and concept behind it.

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What Elegant Subscription Popup Does?

Elegant subscription popup shows an elegant modal window with a feedburner form where users can subscribe to your blog feeds by entering their email address.

Features of Elegant Subscription Popup Plugin

Elegant subscription popup plugin

Elegant Look

The plugin has clean and elegant look with catchy animation effect on load and exit, it uses Courgette and Titillium font families from Google fonts.

Responsive Design

The plugin uses responsive design to display properly in PC, tablet and mobile devices.

It Won’t Annoy

Elegant subscription popup plugin doesn’t annoy the reader to repeatedly.

Concept Behind Elegant Subscription Popup Plugin

The concept behind building this plugin is “how you serve?”, if you are serving your food in usual manner then it doesn’t attract much but if you are serving it with some decoration then it will surely catch the eyes. In the same way if you keep feedburner subscription form in sidebar or in footer then chances of getting the new subscribers are less but if you bring it to center then it will surely catch the visitor and Elegant subscription popup does the same.

How to Configure this Feedburner Plugin?

Elegant subscription popup plugin comes with an admin panel where you need to add your blog’s feedburner ID. Here is how to do it assuming you have already installed this plugin-

  • Login to your wordpress admin

  • Go to Settings >> Elegant subscription popup

  • Enter your blog’s feedburner ID, and save the settings

Read our article Quick Guide to Setup FeedBurner for WordPress Blog to know how to get your blog’s feedburner ID.

Download Elegant Subscription Popup Plugin

Check out this page for more information and download link