The Google Panda Penalty is an algorithmic filter that ranks Google search results, in order to target the WebPages that have low-quality or duplicate content. Looking at the Google traffic allows website owners to understand whether the low traffic flow results from the Google Panda penalty or other penalties. Google Analytics is then necessary to identify the possible source of the drop off of Google traffic. Trustworthy content including the links to the site is unlikely to be targeted by Google Panda. Removing unnecessary content, improving the site speed and security all help enhance user experience.panda penalty traffic analytics

Removing the matching text links

According to Google Penalty removal agency, one of the strategies to avoid the Google Panda Penalty is to avoid having exact match links as this allows users to navigate the site without problems.  This calls for optimizing the internal links since web users are likely to be more interested in the web content. Panda may target websites that have incorrect internal link optimization; especially when there are texts that are also duplicates. This is because it may be assumed that the website owner is trying to improve their sites rankings.  Hence, utilizing optimization tools allows site owners to identify and change some of the text that duplicates or diversifies the internal links profile.


Avoiding duplicate content

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Ideally, the web content needs to be high-quality original material, but there are instances when web pages duplicate content from other sites.  The most copied content that may go unnoticed is descriptions and titles, while the Content Optimization tools highlight on duplicated content. Since duplicate content is one of the reasons for the Google Panda Penalty, there is a need to be extra vigilant when copying content from internet. This means using the no-index separates the original content from the copied content. Furthermore, this ensures that the copied content does not compete with the original content posted. There is a need to exercise caution for all content that has been placed in the Google Index.


Improving the website speed

Slow websites are annoying to visitors, and Google takes note of such sites when assessing their quality. Slow WebPages also require more time for maintenance of the sites, meaning that it is a disadvantage to have lower speeds with fewer visitors and more time needed to maintain the site.  Hence, making the website faster allows for easier access to mobile devices and tablets. At the same time, having a cache of the WebPages allows the WebPages to load faster. Having slow website speed does not necessarily result in Google Panda, but it has the potential to attract scrutiny. Both the site content and user experience should not be neglected when optimizing the websites.


Improving security

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There is a need to check the webmaster tools regularly, to ensure that the websites are not affected. Google gives warnings for sites with infected files, showing that security concern is a top priority. The web host is better placed to undertake a comprehensive scan of the website, and if there are security issues, the webmaster deals with security matters. In any case, infected websites tend to have fewer visitors since the Google search engine takes note of any security issues.  Fixing the security concerns also helps to improve the quality content, as one prioritizes on improving the user experience.